Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Part of my to-do list today was research. In an effort to put a twist on a rancher story, I have a veterinarian starting up a rescue ranch. My good friend Trish Wylie, who has vast experience with horses, warned me I would become emotional.

She was right.

I found the bit of reading I did today very heartbreaking. And while I don't believe my book should be a soapbox, what I'm learning about the slaughter industry, about Canada's lack of response in stopping it, and what is happening, is truly mind-blowing.

Next week I'm visiting a rescue ranch in Alberta as part of my research. And the more I read and research, the more proud I am of my hero, for making a life-altering change on his way back to Larch Valley. Of course in my mind, Andrew Laramie was always a good guy. But now...researching more into the choice he's made...well, it says a lot about him. And it says a lot about how he's going to treat the heroine.

If you're interested in reading at all about what brought me to tears today, go to these 2 links, read what they have to say, and look at the pictures.



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