Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Ron Moore:

Dear Ron Moore:

For season four, could you pretty please make the dvd all extended versions of the episodes?



Ok, this is a bit silly, but still.

Last night I watched one of the episodes from BSG Season 3. I have been working my way through BSG since the summer- I started with the mini series and now I'm part way through season 3. When the episode menu came up, I could choose the regular episode, or the extended version.

I always wonder what makes it on the cutting room floor, and WHY. Granted, a lot had to be cut from this one as it ran an hour and ten minutes - nearly a half hour longer than it needed to be. But there were some bits that really really really really should have stayed!

If you haven't watched UNFINISHED BUSINESS, go no further, cuz it's about to get spoilery.

There are three scenes that I KNOW I didn't see when I watched Unfinished Business, two scenes that explained a LOT about the Starbuck/Lee/Dualla dynamic.

First of all, Lee and Kara sleep together, and after they shout to the skies that they love each other, it cuts. In the extended version, Lee says more. Lee says he didn't really know how much he cared until just now, saying it out loud. When Kara asks why, he admits that he never wanted to admit he needed someone that much. That he needed HER that much. Then, quieter than shouting it out like an idiot, he looks in her eyes and says, "I love you, Kara." And she says it back.

It made it a really potent set up for the next morning when she marries Sam, because the betrayal was even stronger. They hadn't just slept together. Those words were a type of commitment and she broke it.

Then, right after, Lee proposes to Dualla. When she says something about Starbuck, he says that her marrying Sam has made him think about the life he wants NOW. Stupid mistake? Hell yeah. We know he's hurt and this is his way of trying to prove it doesn't matter. Dualla even knows. She says she'll marry him and love him until the Cylons come back or Starbuck decides she wants him again. Well...duh! For anyone who's seen the Eye of Jupiter episodes, we know exactly how this turns out.

And finally, the boxing match. Lee has never told Dualla about sleeping with Kara. So when Dee jabs, "Why don't you two get a room", Kara comes back with, "Been there, done that." Dee is understandably hurt, and Lee tries to brush it off with an "It was a long time ago" line but Dee doesn't buy it (Can you imagine if he'd admitted it was the night before he proposed? OUCH!). She leaves, Lee looks at Starbuck with pure hatred and shouts, "Mother Frakker!" (personally, I liked this moment a lot). This also brings the sloppy seconds comment earlier into context.

During the boxing match, Lee and Kara talk a bit and I think in the broadcast version this was edited out. And that was the right thing. I wear a bite plate to bed, and Lee and Kara with mouthguards in talking was more funny than anything. Leaving it to the "I missed you" and "I missed you too" at the end was enough.

But I do wish we got to see more extended episodes because it gave so much more depth to one of my already-favourite episodes.

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