Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celebrations and polite kids

Today there's a post up at the Harlequin Romance Author blog to celebrate Jessica Hart's 50th book, out this month. Pop over and have a read and offer your congratulations...

On a personal note her RITA award-winning book Christmas Eve Marriage was one of the ones I read when I first started writing and stood out as a shining example of what I wanted to write. I'm still really humbled to be able to call her a writing friend and am so happy for her.

Another thing that struck me yesterday...kids around here are polite...at least the ones I've met. Two birthday party incidents have stuck out. The first, my youngest went to a few weeks ago. They had scads of fun but he didn't open his prezzies until after everyone had gone home. The next week at school, a homemade thank you card came home, thanking her by name for the present (again by name) and included pictures of all the kids. It was nice, you know?

Then my eldest was invited to a party on the weekend but she was at camp, so she bought her friend a book anyway and gave it to her Friday at school. Yesterday she came home with a treat bag - her friend had saved her one even though she hadn't attended the party.

I think both incidents, though small, were really nice.

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  1. Why, thank you, Donna! I just popped by because I heard there was a picture of one my bags in action (!) and found your lovely post. Just when I thought the celebrations had died down, too! But I'm always ready to celebrate some more ... I'm so glad you enjoyed Christmas Eve Marriage. Last-Minute Proposal is very similar in feel, I think, so I hope you'll enjoy that book too!

    And I couldn't agree with you more about politeness. Thoughtful touches like the ones you mention cost so little, but they mean a lot, don't they?