Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Too much fun

I'm having WAYYYYY too much fun with the new novella. I think probably because I'm not worried about what I can or can't do...so I'm lettin' 'er rip with things I couldn't get away with in Romance. Sometimes a girl's just gotta cut loose. So the heat factor is up a notch, and so's the irreverence. I just love the hero. We see him though the heroine's eyes at the beginning and gradually I think the perception is going to change. I do know that he's sexy. And ultimately a good guy, even if the heroine thinks he's being unreasonable. And I also know WHY he is acting the way he is, even if she doesn't...even if the reader doesn't. Yet.

I'm 5k in. My logline is: When uptight journalist Ella Turner buys her husband at a charity auction, all she wants is for him to sign the divorce papers. But cowboy Dev McQuade has other ideas…

I actually made myself laugh last night...and stayed up wayyy too late.

Not sure where this will end up, but it is very nice just changing the pace and having some fun writing it.

Ok so what else is going on today...oh yes, Trish Wylie is over at the Harlequin Romance Author blog as our Spotlight in Six interviewee. She's giving away a copy of her latest release so head on over.

And as much as I'd love to post another pic of Michael Trucco - and I will, another day - today I'm posting a pic sent to me by Jim this morning. I LOVE it.

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