Sunday, September 07, 2008

Save the Cat and new casting pics

There's some action going on in the comments for my book blog below on Save the Cat...if you have 2 cents you'd like to throw in, it's kind of fun. I haven't answered craft questions in a while and i'm in a great mood as I'm at the beginning of a new project and this is always the most fun part as it's all about possibilities and not into the drudgery of sagging middles, plot holes and nonexistent motivations.

And I have another casting pic I have to share because it just works, works, works. It's now the desktop on my pc though honestly, I'm not sure i'll get any work done as I keep minimizing my windows to stare at it.

Right - off to watch a movie with my girls and I'll be working tonight after bedtime!


  1. Okay, now that's inspiring! This is SUCH a hard job, isn't it? Sooo much research.

  2. Anonymous3:21 p.m.

    He is a cutie!


  3. Gorgeous eyes. Hmm. And now you've distracted me. Wonder if my ed will accept the excuse: 'I'm late with my book because Donna forced me to look at gorgeous men...' ;o)

  4. I'll back you up, Kate.

    I'm having so much fun that I think it must be total drivel.