Sunday, September 14, 2008

Roast Beef and Humiliation

We had a great weekend. We cleaned the house yesterday morning, did a load of towels, and I FINALLY finished my youngest's we just need to hang them. My inlaws arrived at lunchtime and we had a great day.

I kind of out did myself at dinner...I think it was the biggest meal I've cooked since we moved and it was delicious. I tried a new recipe for roast beef that was soooooo good. It involved making a rub and then making the gravy from the drippings that were already rich from the rub, and adding red wine, beef broth, bourbon sauce and flour. We rounded it out with mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon, maple carrots, cucumber dill salad, fresh rolls, and apple pie. Oh yes and I made stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer.

However the good news ended the moment we sat down to Canasta because the mum-in-law and I got our butts well and truly kicked. It was downright humiliating. But we had fun anyway, lots of laughs and this morning we got up and the husband made a big breakfast. Now I KNOW I have to hit the treadmill this afternoon!

First though, I'm finishing the book I'm reading - Trish Wylie's The Millionaire's Proposal. It's wonderful. And I'm going to do a big book blog on it tomorrow because there's something extra special about this book for me.

And tomorrow it's back to working on Highest Bidder...I can't wait! I love it when I look forward to work....

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