Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh help!

I must be crazy.

This story has taken hold of me, and I'm pretty sure that it's now going to be a full category-length project.

I'm in love with the hero. Dev is deliciously hot, plus he's got some great flaws AND some other little tidbits that are really lovable. His motivations are for the right reasons even if he doesn't always go about things the right way. And Ella is smart and sharp and also kidding herself big time, but it's not all her fault, because Dev isn't being exactly honest with her. It's the first book I've written where the hero and heroine are already married. But this isn't a marriage in jeopardy- this is a union that's been all over but the cryin' for quite some time.

Indulging myself with this is probably crazy, considering other things that I absolutely have to write, so I'm really going to have to organize my time to cram it all in. But sometimes, when characters and a story call, and you rediscover why you love writing in the first place, you just gotta do it.

So..the word count meter is changing on the sidebar to read 50,000 rather than 25,000.

In other news....I have popped over to Blake Snyder's blog lately since reading Save the Cat! I'm putting a link here to a post with regards to romance writers etc. that I found really really wonderful. It's called The Love of Writing and The Writing of Love. One of my favourite bits is "Like any great love story, it’s about what I identified in Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies, the motto of every Buddy Love tale: “My life changed for having met another!”"

And is September 11. I've taken a moment to stop, and remember. Have you?

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  1. Anonymous5:23 a.m.

    By a clear case of 'great minds think alike' the heroine of my next story is called Ella Jayne [after Ella Fitzgerald]. She is a jazz singer/pianist and a classical free spirit.
    Totally agree - Blake Synder is great! If you overalay his story steps with an 12 point screenplay sequence, you really have something!
    And yes, totally agree. You have to go with the love. :-)