Monday, September 15, 2008

NUMBER 40! And an interview

I'm over at Book Talk with J&J all my interview was posted and I'll be around to participate in the comments. There's a copy of Falling For Mr. Dark and Dangerous up for grabs, and Jen (half of the J&J) is throwing in a copy of Hired By The Cowboy! Come on over!

I've hit number 40 for books read this year...meaning I may actually get to 52 books - one a week - by the end of 2008.

Book 40 is special to me. It's THE MILLIONAIRE'S PROPOSAL by Trish Wylie and I've been looking forward to it ever since she told me the premise. Beautifully paced, with lovable characters all around, and just the right balance of backstory with emotional moments...I cried a couple of times in this one.

The idea is that Kerry Doyle is finally doing something for herself in the form of a trip, and she meets Ronan O'Keefe. Ronan is a travel writer, and then some...but he's also losing his sight. He takes Kerry on a fantasy fulfillment trip, but it's also a way for him to SEE some of the people he loves for the last time. One of my wipe my eyes moments was when they were in Fiji and he was talking to his friend Abbie. But Kerry misses all the signs until they reach Paris. And when she finds out...the world just drops out from under her.

On a personal level, Trish's travel philosophy is clear in this book and it brought back some lovely memories for me. Last fall I met her in person for the first time when I met her at Victoria Station and we took the train to Richmond to have lunch with our editors.

We talked, and talked, and talked. And after lunch we got lost going back to the train and had the most marvelous time. We sat on a bench and just soaked in the afternoon for a while. We took pictures of fun things and saw stories everywhere. We indulged my inner Jamie Bamber fangirl, got off the train in Hammersmith so I could have my picture taken there. It was one of the most special afternoons of my life, to be honest. I still get sentimental about it. This is a woman I KNOW I can travel with (which is why we're roomies for nationals next year) and after I was home we chatted about that afternoon. We spent hours doing not much of anything...walking, talking, looking, chatting up a flower seller at the Hammersmith station...but Trish said it's those moments that make everything so special. We'd just found the singing duo Ryandan about that time too and she played me the song "Stay With You" and I got very wibbly.

So when I'm curling up with her book and I read on page 30, "Some places you might forget, but you won't forget the people you met along the way. Memories Kerry, Kerry Doyle - yours, the people you meet's - that's what you'll have at the end of every trip you take. Moments; snapshots in time if you like."

Well at this point I'm a blubbering mess... and I'm THIRTY PAGES IN.

I also, incidentally, had several "I wish I could write like this" moments.

Well done Trish. And thanks for the wee trip down memory lane...I can't wait until next year!

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