Saturday, September 20, 2008

Keeping the well filled

Sometimes I forget the importance of keeping the well filled. Every now and then the well runs dry and I just get TIRED. My writing is uninspired and I just feel the panicked need to produce and produce. Which is exactly the WRONG way to go about it - at least for me.

What I need to remember, and every now and again I DO remember, is that my time AWAY from writing is almost as important as the time spent at the keyboard.

I let the well run dry this summer.

And when the latest revisions arrived, I realized a good part of what was missing was stuff in the well.

That's why I spent a couple of hours with music...why I read a book...(I did get through about 80 pages of revisions, which is a good start anyway)...and it's why last night I sweet-talked the husband into a day trip.

It was nothing hugely important. Just a trip to the coast to see a few things. It dawned clear and crisp and after hanging out the bedding, we jumped in the truck and headed to Peggy's Cove. We took the dog with us too...and had a grand time scrambling over the rocks, offering to take pictures of other tourists, sitting and listening to the waves, and also to the woman playing the accordion and singing at the lighthouse.

We stopped at the Swiss Air Memorial just south of the lighthouse.

We went on to Mahone Bay and ate fish and chips next to a gazebo and watched the ducks bobbing and meandered up the main drag to a pewter shop where we bought a wedding gift for a friend and I got a celtic cross for myself. And to a gift shop where the girls each got a geode.

We went to Lunenburg and wandered the wharf area.

We came home very tired.

It was a lovely day.


  1. I'm so glad you had this day. It sounded like you neeeded it. We all get times when the need to *produce* overcomes the ability to *create* - and you are so right that we need to refill the well.

    So I'm happy you took the time to do it. Good luck with the rest of the revisions


  2. Donna - your chauffeur from S'toon here - and you've made me home-away-from-home sick. Having spent five years in Riverport (just around the corner from Lunenburg), the places you saw on the weekend brought back tons of great memories. Thanks for the pictures (don't you love Amos Pewter?). I hope the peacefulness of the area was restorative and you can attack your writing with renewed zeal.

  3. Janet! Gosh, it's good to hear from you! Hardly seems like it's been a year since I visited your group. I hope all is well with you - and with the lovely ladies I met during my stay.

    ANd yes, I love Amos Pewter! In fact the whole day was so relaxing.

    I probably shouldn't tell you I'm eating fresh apples from the Valley then should I! LOL