Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday. Today has nothing going on. No special school things. No new blogs to load for other sites. No guest blogging for me today. It's an ORDINARY day. Nowadays ORDINARY is so rare, they are EXTRAORDINARY. LOL

I'm working away on the novella, I kind of petered out yesterday being really tired after staying up so late the night before. So I'm back at chapter three today...

In keeping with that, I'm posting another casting pic of Michael Trucco because they are FUN.

Isn't he just the picture of cuteness? He's got the greatest smile. And looks like he'd be a good time, yeah?

I mentioned today on a thread over at eharl how I think most artists are not "flaky" like the common perception seems to be. Artists are creative people and also very type A. They are overachievers, perfectionists, ambitious, driven, determined. Artists are always being told how difficult it is to break into the business and they do it anyway. Tenacious, passionate. Definitely not lackadaisical or lazy.

And sometimes that determination really serves the artist well, and Michael Trucco is a good example.

Last December he was in a car accident with a friend, and broke his neck (C spine injuries). His injuries were scarily similar to those suffered by Christopher Reeve...just goes to show how the tiniest thing can make a world of difference. He said that "When everything settled, my hands were laying next to my face on the roof of the car and THEY WOULD NOT MOVE. Needless to say, that scared the s#*t out of me. I took a beat, and remember thinking to myself that I CANNOT be paralyzed. This just can't happen to me....I won't let that happen!" He had surgery to fuse vertebrae together, had to wear a heavy duty brace for while, and then go through rehab. Apparently the pain was pretty intense at times. This all happened during the writer's strike period. So where is he now?

Well, he finished filming BSG's final season, filmed a new pilot and he's reportedly on board for a new BSG movie (similar to what RAZOR was last year). He said in a report to fans that "I cherish each and every new day with every rising sun. Life is precious, friends and family are priceless. I am sincerely grateful for all that I have. "

Anyway...there's my Trucco pics for today, now I'm off to work away on the novella.

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  1. Wow, Donna - that's extreme bravery. I have to admit, I hadn't heard of this guy before. But I admire his tenacity and determination. Bet he's the sort who didn't whine or admit to how bad the pain was, either.

    Too true about artists. I think because so much of the work is invisible (i.e. takes place inside the head) people who don't have dealings with that world think that someone's being lazy when they're thinking and planning. (I remember reading an anecdote about Robert Frost, and someone thinking he was lazy because all he did was sit on the porch all day - then his grandfather explained the creative process.)