Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend off

I took the entire weekend off. Maybe i shouldn't have but jobs were piling up, the weather is GORGEOUS and I know rain is forecast for this week. Summer is waning and I want to enjoy it while I can.

Yesterday I was super-productive. It started with making blackberry jam from the berries the girls picked on our land. It's also early apple season, so I made some fresh's already gone. We gave the dog a bath, and I did the filing. There was a lot of it. Then I cleaned the house. By the time I was done, we got in the pool (about 4 p.m.). The husband arrived home while we were in the pool, and we barbequed for dinner - new potatoes, pork chops (to go with the applesauce), and salad.

After dinner we went to our neighbours for a few drinks and star gazing. The days are getting shorter so between 9 and 10 new stars popped out every time you looked up. We saw four falling so bright and seemingly close we all oooohed and aaaahed. My youngest fell asleep briefly on my lap - a sign we needed to head home. But it was a lovely evening.

Today we ended up at the grocery store after breakfast, as I discovered we were out of milk. We got home and took the dog for a walk, barbequed some hotdogs and ate on the deck. Did I mention yet how much I love my deck? The fact that we can eat lunch out there is so great. The house is big and harder to clean but it's a small price to pay, really.

The girls and I are going to do a job that's been left for a long time, then probably have a swim. After that we're picking the last of the blackberries, and I'm making bumbleberry pie. :-)

Tomorrow I'll leave the idyllic summer-ness behind and get back to work on the WIP.

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