Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday's Scavenger Hunt.

I bet y'all think this is one of those...go looking and find something and win a prize posts. Sorry to disappoint. The scavenger hunt is today, in my own house, finding something the dh has misplaced. It's driving us both crazy. I don't know who is going to find it, but the prize is going to be returned sanity.

The schedule is all screwy today as I haven't written anything new and I'm blogging while eating my lunch. I have managed my portion of the above scavenger hunt, a phone call to the tax man (yuck), filling out yet another insurance form (double yuck), organizing the filing and cleaning out my purse. My purse is a repository for every single receipt from every purchase big or small. Every once in a while it needs a mucking out.

I still have some paperwork to do, and a bag of fresh apples are on my kitchen island waiting to be made into sauce. At some point the kids and I have to run into Sackville to pick up a part for my truck and since we will be close, a trip to the shoe store for outdoor shoes for the kidlets. I swear...their feet grew 2 sizes since we left Calgary.

I'm figuring the schedule will be quiet tonight...bedtime for the junior contingent, followed by a glass of wine and the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica (I'm catching up on the epis I missed during the move), and then finally, during some peace and quiet and without interruption, I'm going to work on the WIP.

For now I'll leave you with another of Jim's Pics... Since I'm planning on burning a little midnight oil, this is a Northern Pygmy Owl. FWIW they are tiny...can fit in the palm of your hand!

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  1. That owl looks a little cranky. Maybe it was a bad feather day?