Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mini Interview

Romance author Nicola Marsh did a mini interview with me over at the Pink Heart Society - about winning the Bookseller's Best Award for Traditional Romance with HIRED BY THE COWBOY. I think I even managed to work Trish into it as well as some uncooperative cows.

Today is another appointment with the truck, and trying to make some headway with the novella. It does look like the sun might actually appear for more than five minutes, which is great. We've had SO much rain.

Dreamer, the new dog, is settling in fine. She is sweet and loves playing outside, and is getting over her timidity. Much I think is because she hasn't been a house dog before. She grew up at a breeder's so was always with her friends in the kennel. She therefore isn't used to fridge doors, garbage cans, or dishwashers. :-) But she's started coming out of her shell and it's so cute to see her bum wiggling when she sees us in the morning.

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