Monday, August 18, 2008

Manic Monday

I'm over at Tote Bags today blogging about secondary characters, so come on over and have a read!
It is truly a manic Monday. I have a couple of blog posts that need going up, a chapter to finish, dental appointments shortly after noon, no groceries in the house, and four loads of laundry. The grass is long now the rain has stopped and the sun is out...I might have to try to get to that tonight. We brought home veggies from the inlaw's garden, which all need stemming/shelling/cleaning. ACK!

But we did have a great weekend. The canasta score sits at 2 games to 2, so the next time we're together we'll play the rubber match and god willing the girls will prevail. My sister and the dh's brother (who are married) arrived with their family too and we had a big barbeque for lunch before driving back home.

I managed to take a few pictures over the weekend, so I'll leave you with those and go back to my to-do list...

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