Monday, August 04, 2008

Celebrating Fifty Books with Jessica Hart and July's winner

I'm over at Jessica Hart's blog today, helping her celebrate fifty books! Come on over for a chance to win a copy of my August Romance release.

I've done the draw for my July contest, and the winner is.....


I've sent Mindy an e-mail so I can get her address.
August's contest is a very special one...and a little more difficult. Up for grabs are three books - the WINDOVER books - which includes my award-winning debut HIRED BY THE COWBOY, the second book MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M, and my current release, FALLING FOR MR. DARK AND DANGEROUS. To enter, please send an e-mail to with the names of the heroes in each of these books...and I'll make it a little can find their names in the excerpts from those books on my website - Your first click will be on the "my books" page and go from there....

We survived the first night with our new baby. My sister the vet gave us some tips for making the transition easier, and so after a little bit of fuss last night we got her settled and slept. We were sure to take her out first thing this morning though so for now we are accident free....
She's a pretty girl and I can tell she wants to go for a walk...we'll indulge her a bit later.


  1. Your new baby is precious. Good luck on the house training. And congratulations on winning the Bookseller's Best Award for Traditional Romance.

  2. Congrats on the win!! WOooo!!
    And what a beautiful new addition to your family! I am sooooo jealous.