Saturday, August 16, 2008

Book Blogs 33- 35

33 - Perilous Passions by Teri Thackston. Not a bad book, definitely not bad writing. I just couldn't get into it because I was never quite sure what it was...a romance, a romantic suspense...a bit of comedy...I think it was one of those books that falls between subgenres which is fine...but it wasn't seamless, so I got drawn out of the story quite often.

I think it is one of those things where once the authors voice really gels, it'll all come together. But that's just me, and I'm only one person.

34- Surrender to a Scoundrel by Julianne MacLean. One of my absolute favourite books of the year. I discovered that she is an atlantic canada author and I really thought the maritime humour was reflected in her voice...even in a historical! Her heroine had me in stitches with her wit, and the hero was delectable. The plot was wonderful, the setting exciting and romantic. What more could you ask for? Oh yes...a couple of hot scenes and they were there too.

I loved it...loved just about everything about it. I have 3 more of her books waiting in my TBR!

35- The Duke's Secret Wife (Kate Walker) Secret Wedding (Liz Fielding) and Midsummer Masque (Deborah Hale). I'm putting all three together into one review to count for the challenge. Kate's "The Duke's Secret Wife" was actually a print copy and a story I really enjoyed.

Liz's "Secret Wedding" and Deb's "Midsummer Masque" were harlequin Minis and I liked them is amazing what one can fit into 8 short chapters!

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