Friday, August 22, 2008

Book Blog 36

A happy yard sale accident meant that I came upon 2 of Liz's single titles for Scarlet. Wild Lady is the second in a trilogy (I haven't read the first one yet but it's in my tbr) and the story of Gabriel and Claudia.

Claudia's an actress who has grown up in her mother's shadow and it hasn't all been rosy. Now someone is bent on terrifying and threatening her and Gabriel, a war vet turned security expert, just happens to be there when her brakes fail.

Gabriel's easy to love and Claudia is strong to the point of sometimes being foolish, but Gabriel realizes this too. It's a wonderful love story about trust and persistence and with a healthy dash of intrigue thrown in. I finished it this morning and as I was getting closer to the end I still had burning questions to be answered....and they were.

I'm looking forward to reading Wild Justice, but am a little disappointed I don't have the third book!


  1. Ooooo can I borrow them??

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  3. Hi Donna, I wandered over here from the eharl board.

    I haven't been to Grand Pre since I was a kid. My two daughters and I spent today at Point Pleasant Park. So nice we can swim at the Beach again.

    I hope you're enjoying your move to Halifax. We have a nice RWA chapter here in Halifax if you're interested.