Thursday, July 17, 2008


I interrupt regular blog postings to say a big WELCOME HOME to Mark Graham, who hopefully has had NO flight delays en route from Kuwait and is back with his family after several months in Baghdad.

Mark is the US Marshal that helped me so generously with the research for Falling For Mr. Dark and Dangerous. I've sent him a little welcome home prezzie...a copy of the book. Do you suppose he'll read it where the boys can see him?

I "met" Mark through my husband; a bunch of guys that enjoy blowing things up online in their spare time. He's got a great sense of humour and so when the time came, I asked and he said Sure! He sent answers to questions and pictures, and we had a few laughs too. I hope that when my family is in Florida next year, the two families get to meet up for some wobbly pops (and not so wobbly for the jr. contingent.)

Anyway, glad you're home safe and sound, Punisher. :-)

And the first official review (other than RT) is out for Dark and Dangerous, over at Romance Reader at Heart. Reviewed by Kay and given 4 Roses! I loved her line: "when love comes calling, there's nothing to be done but open the door and let it in!" You can read the whole review HERE.

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