Monday, July 21, 2008

Pictures of the new house - FINALLY!

I finally have some pictures of the new house to share. I'm not going to go overboard and show you every room, but I thought you might like to see my office and a few other rooms.

First up: My office. 2 views from the door from the foyer, and the other from the family room. I can close it off from the family room via pocket doors, and from the foyer with a french door. We have 2 desks in here - I have my OWN computer and space now! Wheeee! A new filing much more attractive than the old metal versions, don't you think? My futon for curling up and reading or working on those silly copy edits, and a brand new bookcase considering the movers ruined my other one. No pictures on the wall yet except one...This one is called SUNDAY MORNING and it's a signed limited edition print by cover artist Larry Roibal, who did my cover for Hired By The Cowboy.

I love working in here with the windows open...I can look outside at our front yard and hear the birds as well.

Next up - the kitchen. Again with the pocket door, because that closes the house off from the garage door, the half-bathroom and the laundry room. Mostly we leave it open, at least for now. But look at all the glorious cupboard space! And my island with a wine rack! It's a dream. The table and chairs "nook" is bayed out, with a door to the deck.

Then we have the bathroom. Bathrooms as a rule are not a highlight, unless you've had 4 people sharing ONE, then having an ensuite is a huge deal. The one on the right is a pic of the tub - which is jetted. Ahhhhhhh. The other pic is of course the pedestal sink...and beside it, though you can't see it, is an oversize shower. It is, of course, connected to the master bedroom, which is also connected to the walk in closet.

Here are my stairs....I love them too. Or at least the look of them. I am getting exercise going up and down - we lived in a bungalow for 11 years! There are fifteen of them.

And finally, this is the very front portion of our yard. We busted our butts and cleaned it out on Saturday, and then mulched it. I took this picture from our bedroom. This is what I see from my office window as well.

So this is our little bit of I'd better get to work!


  1. What upsets me MOST about your new office is how incredibly tidy it is!!!! I'm only allowing it because it's so new and you haven't got it looking lived in yet.

    Beautiful floors, btw.

  2. LOL Natasha...I cleaned it before taking the picture.

    Though...clutter is a particular problem with me. I can't stand it. I hate it when I feel things are in chaos, so I try to control my workspace. Doesn't Always work, but I try.

  3. Everything looks wonderful, Donna. I hope you'll be very happy there.

  4. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I hope you and your family enjoy it for years to come. :)

  5. It looks wonderful. Nice and airy.

  6. love your new house. I envy you everything, especially the tidy office

  7. Ooooooh. I hate you. I am pea-green with envy, chicklet.

    The house is bee-yoo-ti-ful!

    I'm with Natasha, too -- it's so wonderfully tidy! :) I can't stand clutter, either. But you know my living arrangements right now, and clutter is just a way of life. :P

  8. Congratulations on the new digs! I'm so flattered that my print was the first to grace your new space.