Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Missed Book Blog- Mistress in Private

I somehow posted this on e-harlequin but neglected to cross post it here, according to my search.

I picked up this book thinking to read a chapter or two, and couldn't put it down.

Julie is a friend of mine and as a bit of a gag, I entered the contest to win one of 20 copies on I Heart Presents. I won one! it's been sitting in my bag of books for travel but I dug it out the other night (as my bookcases are now all packed).

It's a page turner. I loved Jane. I loved Jonny. There was one point where I was ready for the identity confusion to be over, but once it was, it was cracking. There conflict of the characters was really tight and layered in perfectly. And the hot stuff....was good and hot. :-)

Great job Julie....now I think there's only one of your Modern Extras I haven't read. I'm definitely going to have to remedy that.


  1. I loved that book. Julie writes great stuff!

  2. I won one too, on the I heart Presents site. I must find time to read mine. I love Julie's books.