Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Genius of BSG

Now, before your eyes glass over, I’m not going to talk about Battlestar Galactica (although it fracking ROCKS). But I just read most of an interview with Ron Moore, the brains behind the whole thing, and I had to copy and paste something that I just thought was BRILLIANT from a writer’s perspective.

MR: And speaking of the series finale, you’re happy with how that came out?

RDM: Very pleased with it. It came together all at once and it was a strange experience. In the writers’ room, we spent the first day [of breaking that episode] in a lot of difficulty, a lot of frustration. We sort of knew what the plot was, we knew the action story, we knew the plot of the finale. We spent that whole first day just struggling with the mechanics of the plot, how you got from A to B. We were spinning our wheels. I went home and I was in the shower and I had this “Duh” moment – the show was never about that. That’s not why I love the show. It’s not about the plot.

I went into the writers’ room the next day and wrote on the big dry-erase board, “It’s the characters, stupid,” and the writers laughed and we all sat back and said, “Who gives a [expletive] about the plot? Let’s just talk about these characters.”

MR: And what happens to these people.

RDM: Who are these people, how do we want their stories to end, what is it really about? Once we did that, it all broke free. And then it was, “OK, this is what the finale is about.” And the plot was simple, the finale has a fairly simple through-line to it. But it’s really not about that. It’s really about these people you’ve taken this journey with and what the end of their stories are going to be.

I wish ALL writers thought this way. It is the key to full stories with complex characters and plot and honestly this show is so well written that sometimes I cry at the beauty of it. I’m not joking. Something will come out that is so genius it’s a beautiful thing.

I’m not a sci fi kind of girl. I’m NOT. But this show is one of the most underrated things ever to grace the small screen. Ron Moore is a genius. He is a STORY TELLER.

I’m catching up on my first part of season 4 watching, as the epis I missed are on in a few weeks. It is a shame the series is ending.

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