Friday, July 18, 2008

Book Blog, number 27 AGAIN

It's a good think I'm a writer because apparently I can't count. Thank goodness the little ticker on E-harlequin keeps me up to date...anyway this is book blog 27, as I must have skipped a number somewhere along the way. I need to write a synopsis this morning however so the review is brief...but I wanted it to count on e-harlequin's challenge so I added it in.

Number 27 is A Match Made in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad, Love Inspired.

It's a sweet story about past mistakes and finding love again, and part of Janet's Dry Creek series. If memory serves, the next book is about the cafe owner and her old flame a certainly was set up in this book.

Sorry to be so brief but writing a synopsis is hard enough. Writing it about a book I haven't written is 10 times harder. Then it's off to get our driver's licenses switched over, and try to make sense of more of the house for the weekend.

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