Wednesday, July 09, 2008

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Book Blog 26 - THE CREATIVE HABIT by Twyla Tharp

Michelle Styles is horrible in that she keeps me spending my book budget. Of course she will, in turn, blame this on Anne McAllister. I'm not sure if it was Anne who suggested this one or Kate Hardy, but whoever it was, thank you.

This book makes a lot of sense, not about the craft of writing but about the technique of being creative and how forming habits frees creativity. I can't recommend it enough to those who write, paint, dance....even in business. Habit can really up your productivity.

Some of my favourite quotes:

"Solitude is an unavoidable part of creativity. Self-reliance is a happy by-product."

"Metaphor is our vocabulary for connecting what we're experiencing now with what we have experienced before."

"Without passion, all the skill in the world won't life you above craft. Without skill, all the passion in the world will leave you eager but floundering. Combining the two is the essence of the creative life."

"Sometimes you can't identify a good idea until you've considered and discarded the bad ones."

Most of all though, her last page really resonated with me. She relates to the reader what happened on 9/11 and how she called all her dancers and told them they didn't need to come to rehearsal the next day. Every one of them showed up. What stayed with all of them was the instinct to dance. She says "even in the worst of times, such habits sustain, protect, and, in the most unlikely way, lift us up. I cannot think of a more compelling reason to foster the creative habit."

Neither can I. I began writing my first novel shortly after 9/11 because I was searching for just this habit to accomplish exactly this thing. Creativity got me through and opened up a whole new world that became a career.

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  1. Blame McAllister. She started it. Isn't it such a wonderful wonderful book?