Sunday, July 13, 2008


I'm back...what a weekend. Thursday was a dip in the pool at my sis's...then Friday was running errands with my mum. We got home and she made brown bread and I threw together supper as she had a shower to go to. The kids went with eldest sis for a drive and I went to my bff's for a drink. Got in tired.

Saturday we got up and went to market. We met my niece there and then took her shopping for a dress for the mum's wedding. She and I got similar styles though hers is solid and mine is print. Neither of us have shoes. We almost also bought nearly identical casual outfits (silky shirt and capris) but I was not as eager to spend as she was, lol. My girls have their dresses but got hair accessories and jewelry to wear. We met up with eldest sis again and her youngest and she went home with TWO dresses, lol. She is so cute I can't really hate her for being a size 0. Even if she is still a teenager. I was NEVER a 0.

Saturday afternoon mum wasn't home yet with the fiance, so we went to elder sis's for a quick swim. I was all ready to leave when I was informed that mum and intended were coming over...we ended up staying late, having hamburgers and strawberry shortcake and the girls went tubing. Only trouble was...we then had to go to the fiance's for a quick house tour and then back to mum's to load in my furniture that I brought back with me. SIGH.

Up early this morning and drove back. But the good news is after only a month in the house, it was HOME when I came back to it. It was a great feeling.

Now I'm dithering between watching North and South or reading.

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