Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thanks, and settling in....

First of all thanks to Trish for starting up the housewarming and for all of your lovely comments. Leave it to Trish. But then that's why I love her. She's great, isn't she?

We're slowly getting settled - still without furniture, but I think our family is single handedly rejuvenating the Canadian economy. Clean and shop, shop and clean. That's about the gist of our life right now, with breaks added in for walks around the neighbourhood. Oh and last night we FINALLY went for a dip in our pool! It felt very cool knowing it was in our backyard!

Of course work has been nonexistent, but I think that will be adjusted on Monday when the dh is back to work. I should have a good couple of days to work before the hardwood guy finishes, and then it will be a mad frenzy of cleaning before the stuff comes on Friday. Still, the end is in sight and one of these days I'll hit a routine again and will wonder what all the fuss was about.

I will say, the area is lovely. Yesterday we went with our buddy to the provincial park about 10 min away and dipped our toes in the lake while the dog went for a swim. You know I always thought about missing the space and the LOOK of countryside, but I'd forgotten the lovely smells and sounds. It was a great afternoon.

I also got my copies of my alumni magazine. The spring issue focused on alumni who write for a living...and I was one of those featured. They did a lovely job with the article. Once I have my printer I'll try to scan it and post it if I can.

I'm off to the laundromat....will I be glad to have my washer and dryer or I'll catch up later.

THanks for hanging in there with me!

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