Sunday, June 15, 2008


Hi there - Trish Wylie here - So for those of you who don't know the lovely Donna and her family have been driving clean across Canada to their brand new home. It's both a scary and an exciting time for them and I for one am not at all jealous of the lovely new office she's gonna end up with when they're all settled in...


And I have to say I've missed her something FIERCE while she's been offline. It's not like her to be so quiet. She's always there with a cheery word or a helping hand when you're stuck a-la-manuscript... so I thought about all you nice blog visitors who might have been missing her too and it came to me...


I'm a GENIUS. So here in this lovely empty room we can throw her a HUGE welcome home party and bring her lots of nice gifts and help the Alwards feel right at home WITHOUT them having to clean up after us. You in???

So let's get this party started shall we? I'm bringing some nice Bailey's Ice Cream, cos I know she's partial - and a Welcome Mat for the front door of their gorgeous new home...

Now over to you... words of wisdom for surviving a giant move? Tips for settling into a new neighbourhood? Maybe you've done what Donna and the family are doing now and you know some of the pitfalls? Maybe you just wanna tell her how much we've all been missing her and how glad we'll be to have her back? Food, drinkies and cyber housewarming gifts all welcome too of course ;) Maybe the link to a nice hot hero for her to come home to??? With all this moving lark I'm sure the poor darling will love us for saving her the research time on Google...



  1. okay ....... well I reckon I'll pretend I'm not green with envy and give something for the office. Obviously a Pink Heart Society mug. A 'Do Not Disturb' sign for the door. Oh and a brand new laptop for taking out on to the deck.

    As for advice. Weeeeell here in the UK there's a saying 'new house, new baby' so .... be careful!

  2. Jealous moi too!!! The idea of that fabulous office was worth the money and the move.

    Have fun unpacking boxes, hon. Adn remember, you're house will never be this clean again ;).


  3. What a lovely idea Trish!

    I will add champagne to the mix as I suspect Donna will be glad to be finally in the house with her furniture back around her, rather than living out of a suitcase.

  4. Welcome to your new home sweetheart! I hope it's so happy and wonderful for you.

    A gift? Well , my memories of moving days are that you need someone to make endless mugs of tea (in those PHS mugs that Natasha has brought) so I've brought along an extra kettle. And some wonderful new bed linen for when you collapse with exhaustion at the end of the day

    Hmmm thinking about Natasha's reminder of that saying . . . .

    Happy New Home all of you



  5. Oooo a new pad for the Alwards and so much closer to me than the last one. So here is a bottle of champagne and a list of some dates I will be coming to visit!!


  6. I'm chuckling over that comment of Natasha's too and instantly thinking about the christening every room thing... everyone else does that too, right?

    Right. Anyway, Moving along... hmmm, I'm thinking you need a wonderful take-away dinner delivered - not just any ole crap pizza, but something really lovely, warm and filling (its winter where I am btw and damn cold, hence the warm and filling requirement) because who can be bothered cooking when trying to unpack and tired out from all those miles!!!

    Can't wait till you're back online babe!

  7. Welcome to your new home! We moved to Halifax (for the second time) four years ago and love it here. Hope you do too! :-)

  8. Aw, thank you guys! It made my day...and my day hasn't been so hot so it was lovely to pop on and see all you lovely people!

    I may have internet starting tomorrow though it will still be intermitent as our flooring is being done.

    Will check in soon. Thanks for the alcohol...I can use it. LOL

  9. Hoping your trip went well and that all that unpacking doesn't wear you all out! Enjoy your new home!


  10. Welcome to your new home, Donna. I hope by now that you've found the kettle and the can opener.

    I'm bringing chocolate (you knew that was coming, didn't you?) because it gives you energy and has loads of iron and lifts the spirits. And with all that unpacking you won't have to worry a damn about the calories. And lavender oil to drop into your bath so that you can soak all your aches away and have a fabulous night's sleep. You've obviously going to need it if you stick with Nat's plan... :)

  11. Welcome to your new home, Donna. And LOL on Nat's christening rooms! (Now there's a lightbulb...)

    I'll give you a batch of my choc-chip cookies to go with that coffee.

  12. Anonymous1:07 p.m.

    Donna, I hope by the time your internet is up and running, that you have everything put in its proper place. I've moved several times by myself, and I know that it is hassle getting things put away.

    I wish you, your husband and the kids all the best in your new home and, I'm presuming, your hubby is starting a new job (or same job at different location). All the best! Jamie