Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting there....

Well, the house is getting there. I never imagined refinishing the hardwood would create so much dust. A thick film over everything. The kitchen and bedrooms weren't bad and cleaned up fairly quickly, as they were closed against most of the dust. We had those rooms ready on Friday when the moving truck finally brought our stuff.

We unpacked the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen right away (chaos, every step of the way) and got groceries so that by suppertime on Saturday, at least that much was livable. And good thing...the husband's sister and family arrived for the night, and we ate, had a swim in the pool, put the kids to bed and played cards. Another sister and brother in law stopped in, and it was a great time despite the mess.

Yesterday was more work...the laundry is also caught up, and the office and family room are cleaned. This involves 3 vac-ing the sills, fixtures, and baseboards, using a swiffer broom for the first coat of dust on the walls, and then taking a microfibre sweeper over them for a final coat, and more shop vac-ing for whatever has fallen again. Then there is the dust all over the windows....

By the time the kids were in bed, we were whipped. And so dearest husband put a half dozen candles around the tub and I had a jacuzzi bath...heavenly. And boy did I sleep last night.

Today it's back to work. The latest winner has been announced at the Harlequin Romance Author blog....and I'll have the new releases up later this week. I have a newsletter article to write and a chapter to critique. And we're gearing up for Canada Day as well...the dh is off tomorrow and so are our friends, so they are coming over for dinner and we're getting the Margarita machine ready.....

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  1. Happy Canada Day to you!

    BTW, I just read about you in RWR. Julie wrote what you said about a writer's voice. I'm getting ready to mention you in my blog. I was thrilled to see your name and advice in the article!