Friday, May 16, 2008

TGIF - The Glamorous and the Downright Ugly

This week had a little bit of everything thrown in.

I made some headway on the wip, go me! Currently I'm trying to decide whether to work more on it tonight, or put in North and South and ogle Richard Armitage for inspiration. It's a close run thing. I AM really enjoying this book though. It's very dramatic.

Tuesday started out kind of cool. I did an interview by e-mail for my university alumni magazine which is doing a feature on grads who have gone on to write as their career. I'm still having a hard time considering this a career, by the way. It feels kind of presumptuous. Though I suppose I'm not bringing in any income doing anything else, so it fits the definition, lol. My interviewer is none other than the wife of my old Jr. High Band teacher. LOL We had a laugh about that.

But then my daughter called from school saying she felt ill and so I was off, and making a visit to the walk-in clinic. Came out feeling ok...but she was misdiagnosed which I'll get to in a moment....

Wednesday I worked in the morning and then spent the afternoon singing my guts out. Our choir is doing a cd and I went in to put down the alto tracks. Since I'm moving they bumped things up so I could get in first, so there were no other vocals but me coming through the headset. It was a really odd but fun experience, and I wanted to do it because I've never done anything like that before.

Wednesday everything went to hell. Crisis at dh's work meant he was getting geared up for an unplanned trip. This also meant we had to cancel our plans for the long weekend. We were tired and I was in bed a short while when my youngest was crying. Gave her some advil for the ache that was misdiagnosed as a "muscle cramp". It was a muscle cramp all right - of the gastric variety. A half hour later started the "long night". I caught snippets of half hour rests between bucket-holding. Dh got up and headed for the airport, with no help from me whatsoever.

Thankfully by 8 a.m. she was better and spent yesterday recuperating on the couch while I got back to my glamorous life. Now bear in mind the night I had and imagine WHAT I LOOKED LIKE. Let's just say it's a good thing it was not for television. LOL. I did my very first radio interview. It wasn't live so it will be edited, etc. Thank God. Suddenly you realize how many times you say UM, or pause, or talk at faster-than-light speed. (Hah. I got in Faster Than Light. FTL. Reminds me, Battlestar is on tonight.)

Last night I was bagged. Today was a little more singing to finish things up and running around. Like for laundry detergent. Seeing as we ran out Wednesday night.

And did I mention we're still making arrangements for the big move?

The week was busy, it wasn't pretty, but I sure am glad it's over.

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