Friday, May 09, 2008

Playlists and Progress

Well gang I'm feeling a bit upbeat today. The WIP is chugging along....I'm firmly in the middle now and I know things will shift and be tweaked, but I do think it's coming along. I'm now at 45% done....and if I get a chance to work at all this weekend that will be much closer to 50. I have 2 chapters back from my CP that need tweaking, and a scene to write to finish this chapter and voila. That will just about do it.

Something I did this morning was finally set up a playlist for this book. Sometimes I write to complete silence, other times I like background music and sometimes I have THEME for THE RANCHER'S RUNAWAY PRINCESS I had Let Me Call You Sweetheart, The Tennessee Waltz and My Wish (by Rascal Flatts).

This time though It's mostly mood music. I have a couple of italians at a winery in British'd think a fish out of water, wouldn't you? But not so much. So I have a mix of Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, RyanDan, Il Divo and one song by Damien Rice.

It's working for me, and that's what matters.

I do think I'll spend the afternoon cleaning the house...the kids are home on Friday afternoons. That way we won't have to do it tomorrow, and I might be able to pull out the laptop.

Sunday is Mother's Day here. I don't think there is anything planned, beyond a cruise in the new car and maybe an ice cream. :-)

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