Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Covers and Translations

Happy Birthday to Kate Walker!

I got Michelle Styles's newsletter today. She usually includes a recipe. This time it was for Eccles Cakes. They sound so delish that when I heard it was Kate's birthday I immediately wished I could be with her so we could have some with tea.

Kate is one of those people that I met and instantly felt, as Anne Shirley would say, was a kindred spirit. She gives the best hugs in the world. She's brilliantly fun, unabashedly emotional (I can relate) and I have felt since that our time together was far too short. In other words, this is one very special lady that I always respected but grew to love in the space of a moment - right about the time I heard "This must be Donna" behind me at the AMBA lunch.

So happiest of birthdays darling, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Yesterday I also happened across this:

Which I like ever so much more than the UK version. It's the same artwork, but I think the lighter background of the NA version keeps it from being too dark. Normally I love the rich feel of the pink top and bottom of the UK covers, but I think with the colours this time the NA one gets my vote.

And on amazon there is another translation listed in Spanish. I am not sure which book it is for. I haven't heard anything about THE SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING being translated, and the new one is due out in NA October 14. Which is the right timing for FALLING FOR MR DARK AND DANGEROUS which is an August book. I don't have any details yet to find out which it is. The title could work for either one. But it IS another translation so that makes me happy.

Off to do the school run and then get to work!


  1. And you said you would need the tissues, dear one? Will you pass one my way please? Ah well, you did say I was unashamedly emotional - so there you go! Thank you for your lovely wishes, you made my day

    And it was all too short - maybe one day soon we can do it again. After all, you'll be so much nearer when you move



    Oh but - PS - when we do meet up again, no Eccle s Cakes please. I loathe them. I'll have the fudge brownies instead ;O)

  2. LOL Kate...I shall save the Eccles cakes for Tea with Michelle and her dd then and we shall munch on something decadent.

    Just not cucumber sandwiches. *shudders*

    I do have lovely warm feelings about carrot cake.

  3. I love cucumber sandwiches but only if made from cukes straight from the garden.