Friday, May 02, 2008

General Craziness

Things have exploded again.

My first to-do list is for moving details, mostly phone calls about connecting and disconnecting and address notifications. There are 27 items on it. Only 6 are crossed off.

Two loads of laundry are on the bed, waiting to be folded.

The dishwasher has clean dishes that need to go away so I can put the counter full of dirty dishes in it.

I need a few groceries. Milk and bread and chicken and coffee filters, to name a few.

I have a dresser piled with things that must be ironed. Sigh. Oh and mending. I refuse to wear clothes with the seams popping.

I can no longer put anything in the "to be filed" holder as it is filing on the list.

AND....most importantly, the new book is burning a hole in my brain. I got the first three chapters back from my CP and I really want to dig in and get those "right", then I need to insert a scene for BEFORE the scene I wrote yesterday. I am really loving it and I think the lightbulb I had a few weeks ago made all the difference in the conflict. I now wish I could lock myself away for a few days and ride the wave. As it is I might end up getting out the laptop and working some tonight or tomorrow night, even if I can get 1k a day it will be forward motion. That was the goal yesterday and I wrote nearly 1400. Not huge volume but with everything going on, it just feels good to finally be making PROGRESS.

Oh yes and Monday is Music Monday across Canada so I am playing piano for the school concert, and Tuesday is another dental appointment. Good thing I'm not busy or anything.

Catch you on Monday...hopefully with a report on how much got accomplished on the weekend.

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