Thursday, May 01, 2008

Book Blog 17 - Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife

Today Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife is available at the Mills and Boon site. I always get an advance copy because Michelle is my CP, and we have a tradition of sending each other a hardback of our books as they arrive. It took me a while to get to it but I finished it last night.

This is Michelle's second Viking book....Taken By The Viking is out now in the US. This book features Vikar and Sela, with references to Haakon, Annis and the Lindisfarne raid from Taken By The Viking. It is a lovely story about finding love and taking risk even when people - and circumstance - work against it. There is one part when Vikar goes to see his son that is pure brilliance:

"Vikar cast his eyes up to the skies blinking rapidly, but a single tear escaped and trickled down his cheek. With impatient fingers he pushed it away."

Big warriors don't cry...except when it comes to children. And she had me with his impatient fingers. It just said so much. Vikar is a GREAT hero. There is a misunderstanding between him and Sela, and we know he is far more innocent than she thinks, and yet we are sympathetic to her because she really believed what happened was true and it hurt her deeply.

Viking Warrior, Unwilling Wife is a June release in the UK and hopefully will make its way on to the NA schedule.
In other news, I have drawn my April contest winner for the Goody Bag. Congratulations to Nancy Holroyd. Within the next few days, my webpage will be updated and my newsletter will go out, and I'll announce my May contest.


  1. I am so pleased you enjoyed it,Donna.

    And I do hope that it came through that the misunderstanding was simply excuse for the deeper issues about control, and who has power in a marriage and if Sela's father was going to continue to interfere, or be allowed to interfere. Both Sela and Vikkar grew after their marriage fell apart.
    Oh well, I can only hope.
    But I do love that bit...

  2. *Runs in* Hits Donna on the arm and yells 'You're IT' *runs out*

    You've just been TAGGED on my blog dear heart ;)