Friday, April 04, 2008

Weekend off!

My revisions have been sent to London and will hopefully be on my editor's desk Monday morning.

I have spent the week in yoga pants and messy ponytails, and I need some self-pampering. So I'm making veal parmigiana and fresh pasta for supper, having a bath, and giving myself a facial all in preparation for kicking back and watching Battlestar Galactica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am taping it, so I probably won't watch it until after it's over. First I'll have to read to the kids (The Deathly Hallows is getting SO good right now) and then I have taped some preview/hype type shows about the new's going to be an all evening event complete with red wine and perhaps a smidgen of dark chocolate.

The other good news is the husband is home tonight (after BSG). Another reason I pushed to have the revisions sent...with him back, I wanted to be able to take the whole weekend off without thinking about work.

Right. For now I'm off...the grocery store awaits. Have a good weekend. So say we all.


OMG the veal was to die for. Seriously. If you come to my house for dinner I will make it for you and then bask in the glory that is my chefliness. However as I was bragging to Trish, I said MMMM and she said to stop making chocolate noises. My chocolate is for later but I WAS thinking about it at the time. Sad, really, how well she knows me.

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  1. Yay you on getting the revs away - yep, she is super smart huh?! Hope BSG was all you hoped for... piccie of TSH in NZ heading your way!!!