Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things looking up slightly....'s another bright spot. My hardbacks arrived for my August book...the first glimpse I've had of artwork or blurb. So here you go....

A handsome stranger on her doorstep...

Tidy. Sensible. Safe. That's how Maggie Taylor wants things. Until she opens the door of her tiny Mountain Haven Hotel to a tall, dark, and very dangerous stranger.

Nate Griffith offers a world of pleasure in his strong arms. But the lawman isn't looking for a peaceful retreat - he has a job to do.

It scares Maggie that Nate puts himself in the line of fire every day, and so she tries her hardest to resist him. But even a heart as closed off as Maggie's can't stay immune for long...

This book also has a very special dedication in it, to my Gram who passed away when I was 17. Gram was a great lover of Harlequins and I believe passed that love of great romantic storytelling on to all of us.


  1. Great cover Donna! And I'm with you on the very special Grandma - mine lived with us when i was a kid (until she passed on when I turned 16) - and I still have all her M&Bs - it is totally becuase of her that I write them. And its because of her that I have a complete belief in true love.
    How lucky were we to have such special people in our lives? :)

  2. A real reach-out-and-take-me-home cover, Donna!

  3. Yum. Love the cover. Love the blurb, too. Makes me want to reach out and read it. ;)