Thursday, April 03, 2008

Revisions and Celebrations

I am getting to the downhill slope of my revisions. I read them and expected them to be quite difficult. For one, I had to axe 90% of a secondary character's involvement. I thought, but do I come up with new, plausible motivations for the bits that I want to happen that she instigates? How do I show my heroine parts of the hero's past now that his sister is being punted? At the same time, I knew the reasoning behind it was bang on. I also figured out what really needed to happen in the front end of the book. So I figured...well, I'll get in there and come out when it's done, and I have no idea how long it will take.

Well. How bloody smart is my editor, anyway. I have finished making the first pass and now need to go over it all again, and it ended up being so much easier than I thought. I think there are a couple of reasons for this.

For one, with revisions you have to be fearless. Just hit the delete button and if it doesn't work, put it back. I have fun with them for the most part, so I just figured, let's do it.

Secondly, the last time I looked at this manuscript was September. Six month's worth of distance makes you so much more objective about things than if you'd handed in in last week.

And thirdly...and this is kind of like letting your flaws hang out, but paring down the sister's role and having it be so easy really showed me that rather than an integral part of the book, she was a device. In some ways, cutting her scenes and re-jiving them so that the same progress happened to the H/h without her was really easier than my last revisions where I had to change how the heroine found out about a bit of the hero's backstory.

Whatever the reason, it's been kind of cool watching it all shape up and I have a bit more to do in the first few chapters especially, and then make sure everything is seamless and logical.

Now...on to celebrations. Over at the Harlequin Romance Author Blog today we're helping the lovely Liz Fielding celebrate her 50th book - The Bride's Baby! It's the first in a brand new four-book series, A Bride For All Seasons. Pop on over and add your congratulations!

And speaking of A Bride For All Seasons - over at the Pink Heart Society Fiona Harper is talking about her love of Harlequin Romance. Fiona's book "Saying Yes To The Millionaire" is part of the series as the "summer bride" offering!

Oh and just as a excited am I that the countdown to Battlestar Galactica Season 4 is on! WOOOOOO! The writing in this show is so incredible. I really want to finish these revisions and watch with a glass of wine and a sense of accomplishment. I found THIS BLOG today and OMG how did I not see the preview at the top before? My jaw dropped in several places....holy FRAK! hot is Michael Trucco in this picture?

I am SO excited....

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