Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reel Reviews and a bit o fun

A while back I taped the new Masterpiece Theatre version of Sense and Sensibility. I had my doubts. I ADORE the Emma Thompson version (wasn't that in 1995, the same year as Firth's Pride and Prejudice? I digress...), so I was worried this wouldn't live up to expectations. No cozy cottage here....good lord, all dismal and dreary on the edge of a cliff. And actors I didn't readily recognize (except Charity Wakefield and Janet Mc Teer).

Well, ladies....move over Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant. There's some new casting in town and it's DELICIOUS.

No one does reticence like Rickman but it was easier to tumble in love with Colonel Brandon in this version. The essence of Brandon was there, but with a sense of gentleness and greatness that was lovely. David Morissey was wonderful. Kate Winslet fell for Brandon because he was a good man. This Marianne fell because he was WONDERFUL. :-) The one she'd been waiting for all along, only hadn't realized it.

And Hugh Grant...well, the scene where he tells Elinor he is, and always will be, hers, is lovely, but you know every time he was on screen I kept hearing the song Froggy Gone A Courtin'. Enter Dan Stevens. Gorgeous eyes, a ready smile, and hair you just want to SINK your fingers into. He does all the right things, and through it all comes through as a man you'd just like to get to know and share a pint (and a life) with.

Dominic Cooper plays Willoughby. Not my cup of tea but great chemistry with Charity. The scene where he cuts her lock of hair...oddly enough, the way he does it and pulls her shawl UP over her shoulders is just as intimate as if he were UNdressing her.

And Hattie Monaghan (did I spell that right) really grew on me as Elinor.

Thompson's script might have been heavier on the wit, but this was so romantic. Definitely a keeper.

Now for the bit of fun...this meme was on Biddy's blog. Basically you pull up your media player and do a shuffle of all your music files. Put each song title IN SEQUENCE after each of the following:

Opening Credits: In A Week or Two, Diamond Rio
Waking Up: All Time Love, Will Young
First Day at School: Home, Michael Buble
Falling in Love: In Us I Believe, RyanDan
Fight Song: L’Ultima Notte, Josh Groban (HAHAHAHA)
Breaking Up: Caruso, Josh Groban
Prom/Dance/Ball: These Days, Rascal Flatts
Life’s OK: You Save Me , Kenny Chesney
Mental Breakdown: Can’t Help Falling in Love, Elvis
Flashback: Bulletproof, Blue Rodeo
Getting Back Together: Machine, Josh Groban (LMAO)
Birth of Child: Living in Fast Forward, Kenny Chesney
Wedding: Stay with You, RyanDan
Final Battle: Fare The Well, Love , The Rankins (OMG, how great is that????)

That's it for me...I'm into the cave for the day.

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