Monday, April 28, 2008

Reel Review

Today I'm going to chat a bit about another Masterpiece Theatre production that I taped and watched, called MY BOY JACK.
MY BOY JACK is the story of Jack Kipling, myopic son of Rudyard Kipling, who fought briefly in WWI. This is a short production - it ran about an hour and a half, but it was effective. Masterpiece productions consistently have fabulous casting, and that made all the difference I think. Plus there was then time to see interviews of the cast and in particular the writer/actor David Haig.
David Haig first made My Boy Jack into a play, and now for the screen. And he mentions a part of why he felt so compelled...he bears an uncanny resemblance to Kipling. It's true. Look at these photos...first of Kipling and then of Haig AS Kipling:

Seriously....put a little hair on the top and it's uncanny.

Jack (John) Kipling is played by Daniel Radcliffe and he does a great job. Of course we all know him as Harry Potter and I thought this role was great for him because it is a bit of a bridge...he plays a boy who is nearly a man, and then becomes a leader of men at the age of 17/18. It's also a very serious role....I think if he can avoid Harry Potteresque typecasting, he's going to turn out to be another James MacAvoy.
Carrie Kipling was played by Kim Cattrall who was WONDERFUL....and his sister Elsie played by Carey Mulligan.
Definitely worth a watch.
Now I'm very excited because next week on MP CRANFORD begins! WHEEEE! I've heard wonderful things and I adored North and South, so I'm setting up the pvr to record!

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  1. My Boy Jack made me cry. I then read Kipling Sahib just after Christmas as I was intrigued to know more about the man.
    You are in for a real treat with Cranford. Not a romance per se but a wonderful slice of life.