Friday, April 25, 2008

Moving apace...

There's certainly no stopping time, and despite how long my to-do list has grown, I have accomplished quite a bit this week....

The conditions for the purchase of our house have been met, so we're happy about that. That took a lot of my inspections, water reports, and getting our financing all approved. Wheeee!

I have done the banking this morning, mailed out some books and had physio therapy for my wrist - one session left.

I sent in my author alterations for my January book.

I volunteered for the afternoon at the school yesterday.

I did 5 loads of laundry...number 6 which is bedding is ready for the dryer.

I blogged, updated the Harlequin Romance Author Blog...with a good news post, so go have a look at all the wonderful things happening with our Romance authors...and kept up with editor duties at the Pink Heart the way there are new reviews up at the Pink Heart Reviews Blog...and also Kate Hardy has a fab post for Film on Friday today at the PHS.

I also had my RWA chapter meeting on Tuesday, and the aforementioned dental appointment.

Now I'm off to critique some chapter for my CP, put in the last load of sheets, and perhaps start cleaning the house as we have a weekend full of revelry...seems people want to celebrate our leaving, lol. We have grocery shopping tomorrow and then dinner tomorrow night with friends. Of course with me being on antibiotics that means I'll be the designated driver, but at least I won't have a headache on Sunday morning. LOL. Oddly enough, I'm thinking that the unknown infection might have been affecting me afterall, because now on day three I suddenly am feeling more sprightly.

Ok I'm off, have a wonderful weekend.

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