Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good and Bad

There is a little good news which perks me up a bit because the bad news is icky.

Good news is I've sold an article! :-) It's a small thing, but anytime you write something and someone wants to buy it, it's a good thing. Details to follow once I know exactly what issue, etc.

And my AA's just need to be typed up and e-mailed, so that's good.

Bad news is I had to make a trip to the dentist yesterday. I have a tooth causing me grief, and unfortunately it's right in the front at the top. YUCK. We have some options, none of which appeal to me, and with the coming move we're also working on time constraints. SO, I go back to the dentist next week for some minor treatment, (minor in the scheme of things, so still yucky) and then it looks like I'll have to wait for my consultation on the other until we get to Halifax. Unless of course I decide to shell out major dough, have it pulled and replaced with an implant.

See? YUCK.

I feel even worse for my dd, as she will likely have to have some teeth pulled since adult teeth came in and baby teeth didn't come out. We don't want her to have jaw issues later.

Anyway it looks like our losses are the dental profession's gain.

Meanwhile, back to work. And getting ready to move.

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  1. Hugs on the teeth problems - but I hope they can soon be put right so your wonderful smile stays as beautiful as ever