Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I had a dental appointment this morning - the first step in getting this tooth set to rights. May I just say that the hygienist I had made it one of the LEAST stressful appointments I've ever had...and that's saying A LOT. Especially since today was intense. And yes, I was frozen, but not for all of it. I go back next Tuesday, but hopefully after that everything will be fixed as much as it can be before I go to Nova Scotia.

Funny thing though, it's a top tooth in the front and so my nose is numb. It's the queerest feeling.

Now I have a half hour or so to do some housework...get laundry underway, make beds, and empty the dishwasher. After that I'm getting to work. I NEED to work. Actual WRITING. I am at a point where new writing will make other things seem to fall into place.

Most of all it's amazing how much better I've felt since being on the antibiotics for a tooth I didn't even know had infection. The hygienist said that's often the case...you don't know until something happens to make you realize it's infected. And being in your mouth means it goes systemic, so your whole body can feel off. Which is what happened with me, only I couldn't pinpoint the cause so wrote it off as stress. Go figure. Kinda gross, but I do find this sort of thing interesting. The body is a bit of a miracle. Anyway after a few days on it I suddenly had more of a spring to my step.

On that note, lol, I'll sign off.

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