Saturday, April 05, 2008

BSG and New Zealand pics

Wine and chocolate consumed, several jaw dropping moments in BSG and me cursing the 7 days between episodes as I didn't want it to end. Holy cow.

In short:

Baltar still flipping crazy

Starbuck is WTF?

Lee looks all growed up...FINALLY! (Please give him a good story arc, Ron Moore!)

Tigh is loony and we love it

And somehow even knowing it's WRONG...we still trust the Chief, Sam, and Tory.

Fanfrackingtastic. good buddy Nat Anderson sent me a pic tonight that has me giggly. Nat and I were bought around the same time and we're shelfmates this month in Oz and New Zealand. Honestly, they couldn't have put me next to a nicer gal.

Look at this...

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  1. Donna - you sound the same way my dd does waiting for Stargate Atlantis. She can't get enough of Rodney and croons about him all week.
    Now don't get riled...but I agree with her. I think the writing on SA is superb. I wondered what they'd do to replace the humor of the SG1 team and this season SA even has my 2 ds's anticipating each episode - the first time they've been interested.