Monday, April 21, 2008

Book Blog 16 - Conveniently Wed

My editor sent me this book and I'm really glad she did. What a great collection of stories from wonderful authors. I read it last week during plane rides and it was a wonderful way to spend the time!

First up was The Millionaire's Contract Bride...a lovely story by Carole Mortimer. I loved the heroine's spunkiness and how her prime motivation was to do the right thing for her child. And the hero was delicious.

Then we have Rebecca Winters's Adopted Baby, Convenient Wife. The hero in this story steals the show. We ALL want a Cole Farraday. Tough, capable, and a complete marshmallow when it comes to family and babies. YUM.

Then we finish up with Celebrity Wedding of the Year by Melissa James. We have aging rockers, celebrity daughters, and a rocker-turned-doctor in this one...and in true Melissa James style I had to wipe my eyes. Which I tried to keep under wraps as I was somewhere over Ontario at the time! LOL.

This book was available through Mills and Boon, and may be still available through the amazons, I haven't checked. If you can get it, do it.

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