Friday, April 18, 2008

Book Blog 14 - One Night In His Bed

Before I get to that, there's a brand new reader review up on eharlequin for THE SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING. I've had such positive response there...truly the new format for the reading challenge is fantastic. It's so easy to see what people are reading and to also blog books for others to see. I love it both as a reader and as an author who hopes readers are enjoying my work.

You can see Nancy's review HERE.

On the plane to Halifax I read Christina Hollis's book ONE NIGHT IN HIS BED.

The Italian billionaire's indecent proposal...

Penniless and widowed, Sienna has caught the eye of the one man who can save her - Italian tycoon Garett Lazlo, who can't resist her beauty.

But dark-haired Garett doesn't do anything for free, no matter how desireable the prospect. He offers Sienna a ruthless deal: he will help her, but she must play by his rules - by giving herself to him totally, for one night of unsurpassable passion.

If your idea of heaven is a sleepy Italian village, the unrelenting blue of the Mediterranean, and picnics al fresco, this book is definitely for you!


  1. I read "The Soldier's Homecoming" while sitting in the hospital with my brother and sister in law and he was was having heart bypass surgery. It kept me involved and kept me from worrying every second. I loved the story even while at times it had me in tears.

  2. Oh wow Ellen, thank you! I'm glad it kept your mind off things. And I hope all went well.