Monday, April 07, 2008

Book Blog 13 - The Mile High Club by Heidi Rice

This book is a Modern Extra I think it's also a March North American release for Presents under the title of The Millionaire's Blackmail Bargain.

This was a great book! I knew as soon as it opened and we had the heroine hiding in the hero's bathtub I was in for a treat. Heidi has a great voice and I was really pulled along. Plus...her hero was really, really sexy.

The back blurb reads: "Passion in London, Paris, NY...

As a lowly assistant on a magazine, Mel had been roped in to help out a colleague - and now she was about to be caught red-handed! She was hiding in the bath of a hotel suite, and the room's celebrity occupant, Jack Devlin, had just returned - to have a shower!

The millionaire was dark, brooding, handsome - and the passion that followed was amazing! Now he'd asked Mel to write the exclusive sotry on Jack Devlin. Travelling first class, she would join the get set (and the mile high club) in spectacular style...but only for a week or two. For it seemed Jack would never trust anyone enough to offer more than an intensely passionate Christmas affair...."

It doesn't quite do it justice. You really do need to read it!

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