Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So...cross another thing off the to-do list...I just finished my last physio therapy session on my wrist. Wheee! Not that it was a therapist was wonderful and I liked her a lot. We had a lot in common, and a couple of times my girls had to come with as they were on spring break and they became very interested in physio! But it does mean those appointments are done. :-)

I'm over at Tote Bags 'n' Blogs today talking about Peace and Quiet and an Unquiet mind. LOL. Hermit status is not to be underrated. I can't wait to have more space and quiet and solitude. That being mind is always busy and the two do not have to be mutually exclusive...anyway just go check out the post and make a comment so I don't think I'm totally crazy.

And yesterday I finally got back to work on my WIP and I think it's getting stronger. I had the first three chapters nearly done and then had a lightbulb and haven't yet done much about it. I'm into the second chapter now and tweaking and I do think this approach is better. It feels good to be CREATING and not just working. I get really bizarre dreams when I've been too long from a manuscript and let me just say the dreams have been weird the last week or so. I did dream last night but it made more sense than normal, lol. I think what happens is that all the creativity I'm not using gets channelled into dreams. It makes sense to me. It has to go somewhere.

Anyway it's back to work on A Bride at Willow Bend.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I had a dental appointment this morning - the first step in getting this tooth set to rights. May I just say that the hygienist I had made it one of the LEAST stressful appointments I've ever had...and that's saying A LOT. Especially since today was intense. And yes, I was frozen, but not for all of it. I go back next Tuesday, but hopefully after that everything will be fixed as much as it can be before I go to Nova Scotia.

Funny thing though, it's a top tooth in the front and so my nose is numb. It's the queerest feeling.

Now I have a half hour or so to do some housework...get laundry underway, make beds, and empty the dishwasher. After that I'm getting to work. I NEED to work. Actual WRITING. I am at a point where new writing will make other things seem to fall into place.

Most of all it's amazing how much better I've felt since being on the antibiotics for a tooth I didn't even know had infection. The hygienist said that's often the don't know until something happens to make you realize it's infected. And being in your mouth means it goes systemic, so your whole body can feel off. Which is what happened with me, only I couldn't pinpoint the cause so wrote it off as stress. Go figure. Kinda gross, but I do find this sort of thing interesting. The body is a bit of a miracle. Anyway after a few days on it I suddenly had more of a spring to my step.

On that note, lol, I'll sign off.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Reel Review

Today I'm going to chat a bit about another Masterpiece Theatre production that I taped and watched, called MY BOY JACK.
MY BOY JACK is the story of Jack Kipling, myopic son of Rudyard Kipling, who fought briefly in WWI. This is a short production - it ran about an hour and a half, but it was effective. Masterpiece productions consistently have fabulous casting, and that made all the difference I think. Plus there was then time to see interviews of the cast and in particular the writer/actor David Haig.
David Haig first made My Boy Jack into a play, and now for the screen. And he mentions a part of why he felt so compelled...he bears an uncanny resemblance to Kipling. It's true. Look at these photos...first of Kipling and then of Haig AS Kipling:

Seriously....put a little hair on the top and it's uncanny.

Jack (John) Kipling is played by Daniel Radcliffe and he does a great job. Of course we all know him as Harry Potter and I thought this role was great for him because it is a bit of a bridge...he plays a boy who is nearly a man, and then becomes a leader of men at the age of 17/18. It's also a very serious role....I think if he can avoid Harry Potteresque typecasting, he's going to turn out to be another James MacAvoy.
Carrie Kipling was played by Kim Cattrall who was WONDERFUL....and his sister Elsie played by Carey Mulligan.
Definitely worth a watch.
Now I'm very excited because next week on MP CRANFORD begins! WHEEEE! I've heard wonderful things and I adored North and South, so I'm setting up the pvr to record!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Moving apace...

There's certainly no stopping time, and despite how long my to-do list has grown, I have accomplished quite a bit this week....

The conditions for the purchase of our house have been met, so we're happy about that. That took a lot of my inspections, water reports, and getting our financing all approved. Wheeee!

I have done the banking this morning, mailed out some books and had physio therapy for my wrist - one session left.

I sent in my author alterations for my January book.

I volunteered for the afternoon at the school yesterday.

I did 5 loads of laundry...number 6 which is bedding is ready for the dryer.

I blogged, updated the Harlequin Romance Author Blog...with a good news post, so go have a look at all the wonderful things happening with our Romance authors...and kept up with editor duties at the Pink Heart the way there are new reviews up at the Pink Heart Reviews Blog...and also Kate Hardy has a fab post for Film on Friday today at the PHS.

I also had my RWA chapter meeting on Tuesday, and the aforementioned dental appointment.

Now I'm off to critique some chapter for my CP, put in the last load of sheets, and perhaps start cleaning the house as we have a weekend full of revelry...seems people want to celebrate our leaving, lol. We have grocery shopping tomorrow and then dinner tomorrow night with friends. Of course with me being on antibiotics that means I'll be the designated driver, but at least I won't have a headache on Sunday morning. LOL. Oddly enough, I'm thinking that the unknown infection might have been affecting me afterall, because now on day three I suddenly am feeling more sprightly.

Ok I'm off, have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things looking up slightly....'s another bright spot. My hardbacks arrived for my August book...the first glimpse I've had of artwork or blurb. So here you go....

A handsome stranger on her doorstep...

Tidy. Sensible. Safe. That's how Maggie Taylor wants things. Until she opens the door of her tiny Mountain Haven Hotel to a tall, dark, and very dangerous stranger.

Nate Griffith offers a world of pleasure in his strong arms. But the lawman isn't looking for a peaceful retreat - he has a job to do.

It scares Maggie that Nate puts himself in the line of fire every day, and so she tries her hardest to resist him. But even a heart as closed off as Maggie's can't stay immune for long...

This book also has a very special dedication in it, to my Gram who passed away when I was 17. Gram was a great lover of Harlequins and I believe passed that love of great romantic storytelling on to all of us.

Good and Bad

There is a little good news which perks me up a bit because the bad news is icky.

Good news is I've sold an article! :-) It's a small thing, but anytime you write something and someone wants to buy it, it's a good thing. Details to follow once I know exactly what issue, etc.

And my AA's just need to be typed up and e-mailed, so that's good.

Bad news is I had to make a trip to the dentist yesterday. I have a tooth causing me grief, and unfortunately it's right in the front at the top. YUCK. We have some options, none of which appeal to me, and with the coming move we're also working on time constraints. SO, I go back to the dentist next week for some minor treatment, (minor in the scheme of things, so still yucky) and then it looks like I'll have to wait for my consultation on the other until we get to Halifax. Unless of course I decide to shell out major dough, have it pulled and replaced with an implant.

See? YUCK.

I feel even worse for my dd, as she will likely have to have some teeth pulled since adult teeth came in and baby teeth didn't come out. We don't want her to have jaw issues later.

Anyway it looks like our losses are the dental profession's gain.

Meanwhile, back to work. And getting ready to move.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reel Reviews and a bit o fun

A while back I taped the new Masterpiece Theatre version of Sense and Sensibility. I had my doubts. I ADORE the Emma Thompson version (wasn't that in 1995, the same year as Firth's Pride and Prejudice? I digress...), so I was worried this wouldn't live up to expectations. No cozy cottage here....good lord, all dismal and dreary on the edge of a cliff. And actors I didn't readily recognize (except Charity Wakefield and Janet Mc Teer).

Well, ladies....move over Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant. There's some new casting in town and it's DELICIOUS.

No one does reticence like Rickman but it was easier to tumble in love with Colonel Brandon in this version. The essence of Brandon was there, but with a sense of gentleness and greatness that was lovely. David Morissey was wonderful. Kate Winslet fell for Brandon because he was a good man. This Marianne fell because he was WONDERFUL. :-) The one she'd been waiting for all along, only hadn't realized it.

And Hugh Grant...well, the scene where he tells Elinor he is, and always will be, hers, is lovely, but you know every time he was on screen I kept hearing the song Froggy Gone A Courtin'. Enter Dan Stevens. Gorgeous eyes, a ready smile, and hair you just want to SINK your fingers into. He does all the right things, and through it all comes through as a man you'd just like to get to know and share a pint (and a life) with.

Dominic Cooper plays Willoughby. Not my cup of tea but great chemistry with Charity. The scene where he cuts her lock of hair...oddly enough, the way he does it and pulls her shawl UP over her shoulders is just as intimate as if he were UNdressing her.

And Hattie Monaghan (did I spell that right) really grew on me as Elinor.

Thompson's script might have been heavier on the wit, but this was so romantic. Definitely a keeper.

Now for the bit of fun...this meme was on Biddy's blog. Basically you pull up your media player and do a shuffle of all your music files. Put each song title IN SEQUENCE after each of the following:

Opening Credits: In A Week or Two, Diamond Rio
Waking Up: All Time Love, Will Young
First Day at School: Home, Michael Buble
Falling in Love: In Us I Believe, RyanDan
Fight Song: L’Ultima Notte, Josh Groban (HAHAHAHA)
Breaking Up: Caruso, Josh Groban
Prom/Dance/Ball: These Days, Rascal Flatts
Life’s OK: You Save Me , Kenny Chesney
Mental Breakdown: Can’t Help Falling in Love, Elvis
Flashback: Bulletproof, Blue Rodeo
Getting Back Together: Machine, Josh Groban (LMAO)
Birth of Child: Living in Fast Forward, Kenny Chesney
Wedding: Stay with You, RyanDan
Final Battle: Fare The Well, Love , The Rankins (OMG, how great is that????)

That's it for me...I'm into the cave for the day.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Book Blog 16 - Conveniently Wed

My editor sent me this book and I'm really glad she did. What a great collection of stories from wonderful authors. I read it last week during plane rides and it was a wonderful way to spend the time!

First up was The Millionaire's Contract Bride...a lovely story by Carole Mortimer. I loved the heroine's spunkiness and how her prime motivation was to do the right thing for her child. And the hero was delicious.

Then we have Rebecca Winters's Adopted Baby, Convenient Wife. The hero in this story steals the show. We ALL want a Cole Farraday. Tough, capable, and a complete marshmallow when it comes to family and babies. YUM.

Then we finish up with Celebrity Wedding of the Year by Melissa James. We have aging rockers, celebrity daughters, and a rocker-turned-doctor in this one...and in true Melissa James style I had to wipe my eyes. Which I tried to keep under wraps as I was somewhere over Ontario at the time! LOL.

This book was available through Mills and Boon, and may be still available through the amazons, I haven't checked. If you can get it, do it.

Book Blog 15 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Since last year I've been reading all the HP books to my girls aloud. Last night we finished The Deathly Hallows.

Do you know how hard it is to read books when you're crying? I won't reveal what made me cry but my youngest went and got me tissues. I think it is the strongest of the books, possibly. There was some streamlining that could have been done in the front end, and the one thing that bugged me was the absence of Ginny. It was okay the whole way through but maybe it's just the romantic in me but it needed a scene in the end. Now I know the last chapter had to end with the three of them - Hermione, Ron and Harry - because that's how it began. But before that, I would have loved to have a moment - just a moment - with Ginny. That would have led into the epilogue very well. I'll bet you ten bucks there's such a scene in the movie.

But overall...the rest made it nearly the perfect ending to the series. I finished a little bit like JK herself did - sorry that it was over. With such a sense of finality that I was a little bit sad.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Book Blog 14 - One Night In His Bed

Before I get to that, there's a brand new reader review up on eharlequin for THE SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING. I've had such positive response there...truly the new format for the reading challenge is fantastic. It's so easy to see what people are reading and to also blog books for others to see. I love it both as a reader and as an author who hopes readers are enjoying my work.

You can see Nancy's review HERE.

On the plane to Halifax I read Christina Hollis's book ONE NIGHT IN HIS BED.

The Italian billionaire's indecent proposal...

Penniless and widowed, Sienna has caught the eye of the one man who can save her - Italian tycoon Garett Lazlo, who can't resist her beauty.

But dark-haired Garett doesn't do anything for free, no matter how desireable the prospect. He offers Sienna a ruthless deal: he will help her, but she must play by his rules - by giving herself to him totally, for one night of unsurpassable passion.

If your idea of heaven is a sleepy Italian village, the unrelenting blue of the Mediterranean, and picnics al fresco, this book is definitely for you!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

So...what's the deal?

Life has been so crazy that I don't even know if I really came out and said that we're moving, but we are. We're relocating from Western Canada to Eastern, which means I'll be a lot closer to the family - within a morning's drive, which is lovely.

Over the last month and a teensy bit, we've mucked out our house (you can really accumulate a lot of crap in 12 years) and sorted it into going/recycling/garbage/donations. Then we further sorted the "going" into packnow/packlater. We listed our house, and we've sold it. We went to Nova Scotia and we've bought a house. And in 8 weeks, God Willing, we'll take possession of that house and start a new chapter in our lives.

So yeah, work's been slim lately. I'm ever so glad that I actually don't have a deadline right now. I did revisions and sent them back, and I've done some promo, and written a few articles, and on my doorstep today were my copy edits for my January book. There are so many details right now, and it's all stupidly exciting.

You wonder if you're going to like it, you know? It's a big move. But we spent the last week with friends in the area where we were looking to buy, and we absolutely loved it. Trees....lots and lots of trees. And water. A lake every time you turn around. Peace and quiet and loveliness, but a short commute for the husband and a grocery store and some amenities just 5 minutes away. Go another 10 and you're in the middle of everything you could want retail-wise. If you travel a short distance in any direction, you could be in apple country, blueberry country, or on the coast smelling the salt air.

We almost didn't want to come back, to be honest.

It does look like we're going to have a great house, but more importantly the location seems wonderful. The people seem wonderful.

Anyway, that's the official word now that things are really starting to fall into place. I'll be back tomorrow with some book blogs about what I read on the airplane.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Give Me Five: A new initiative

Today I'm starting something really different and perhaps issuing a challenge.

The idea of charitable donation can be a bit foggy at times. Who do I donate to? How much? When? And you feel you should be doing more, but you don't....

Well that time has stopped for me.

I think it started earlier this week when I was reading in People about the crazy salaries some of the celebrities make. Angelina Jolie had commented that she gets paid crazy money for what she does, and then it read that she donates one third of her income to charities.

Well, one third of thirty million still leaves twenty million, but even so. She doesn't HAVE to do that. She just does.

Then last night I started watching Idol Gives Back (Annie Lennox ROCKS by the way), and I got to thinking, here I've been whining and complaining and stressing over some changes going on in our lives and really, I should shut up. After all these are positive changes. And I'm really very, very, very lucky. But I haven't really being doing my part as far as Stewardship.

We talk about Stewardship a lot at church when it comes to annual giving of not only tithes but time and talents. But we need to look bigger. We are stewards of this earth and the people on it. So....

Here's my Give Me Five challenge to you. Every time I receive writing income - advances and royalties - I'm donating 5% to charity. It won't always be the SAME charity, and then I started thinking it would be a great way to highlight some of the truly wonderful charities out there. So each time I make a donation, I'll be posting a Give Me Five post and giving you some information about this particular charity.

To kick things off, I've made my first donation to THE CHILDREN'S HUNGER FUND.

The Children's Hunger Fund is a US charity....because let's face it, just because we live in North America doesn't mean there's not extreme poverty here. I could write a whole post about how our society is its own worst enemy, but as they say, Money Talks so I made my donation. Here's a little bit about them...

The Children's Hunger Fund is a publicly funded, non-profit organization, which exists to alleviate children's suffering. To accomplish this, CHF solicits donations of food, clothing, hygiene items, toys and medicines from U.S. companies. These products are delivered through a monitored food distribution network in cities and countries around the world. CHF relies heavily on monetary contributions from concerned citizens across America. We realize our donors have many options for their charitable giving and every effort is made to effectively utilize their investment. CHF remains one of the most cost-effective charities in the nation, less than one percent goes to cover overhead costs.

Children's Hunger Fund distributes food, clothing and other items to more than 20,000 families each month throughout Southern California. On all levels we utilize our Food Pak program, which is an 18-20 pound food box. This food box is delivered into needy families' homes versus subjecting them to traditional food lines. In the last year we have assembled and shipped over 40,000 of these packages. This remains to be our most effective and dignity-restoring program for needy families.

You can read a lot more about them HERE.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Blogland and a Rant

Lots going on in blogland today, but first up I'm at the Pink Heart Society today talking about one of my Temptations...and it's bringing people out of the woodwork. More than I expected, for sure.

And over at the Harlequin Romance Author Blog, Claire Baxter is April's Spotlight in Six. There's a mini-interview, and a chance to win a copy of her latest book!

I don't often get political on this blog but I'm going to today. Brace yourselves...I'm fired up.

The headline here today reads:

HUNT FOR DAD: Mounties delayed warning of 'dangerous' suspect on loose after three children slain in Merritt, B.C. (Calgary Sun)

First of all, what a tragedy. Three children, in kindergarten, grade 2 and grade 4, murdered. I can't imagine what the mother is going through. I really can't. Most of the time I can empathize with people but this is one time it's just too big for me to comprehend.

But it's this headline that really ticks me this morning. The whole "mounties delayed warning" thing. Because that puts the focus on a few hours when the real issue is the YEARS of not delaying, but IGNORING warnings about this man.

From the story: "Schoenborn had been charged last week with making threats at a Merritt school and was barred from accessing the building, but not his own kids"..."He was held by RCMP for much of last Thursday, but released on order of a justice of the peace". My ISP homepage news stated that he wasn't considered a serious threat so they let him go. Hmmm. Interesting.

Well, maybe you could say that if this guy didn't have a RECORD A MILE LONG. Or that he'd actually been arrested IN MERRITT three times last week, and was barred from contact with the school, the administration, and any other child except his own. His arrest record includes DUI infractions, further driving while suspended, a Sexual Assault charge - which was dropped with the condition he stay away from the woman - and then a breach of that very agreement, and uttering threats. A constable is quoted having said "There was no reason for us to foresee these circumstances at all."

And to that I say, bullshit.

A twenty hour delay in issuing a warning to the public isn't anywhere near as bad to me as the, the utter failure...of a system to fix this situation. Not once was there a mention of jail time. Oh, the guy got a few fines. And told, hey, don't do this again. And yeah, oh wait, he's mentally unstable. YOU THINK?

One of two things should have happened a long time ago. Either he should have gone to jail, or, he should have had help and at the very least a psych evaluation. Medical assistance. Guess what. Mental illness is an ILLNESS. It can be treated! But hey, that costs money. And time. Nevermind the cost and turmoil and tragedy of three children being dead. Boy, I'm some glad we saved that money.

When we were having problems earlier this year I was told that there was "nothing we could do until someone got hurt."

Well, someone's hurt now, and I thank God it's not me and mine, but there's something intrinsically wrong with this system.

Here endeth the rant. And thoughts and prayers to the community of Merritt and the mother of these three angels.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Book Blog 13 - The Mile High Club by Heidi Rice

This book is a Modern Extra I think it's also a March North American release for Presents under the title of The Millionaire's Blackmail Bargain.

This was a great book! I knew as soon as it opened and we had the heroine hiding in the hero's bathtub I was in for a treat. Heidi has a great voice and I was really pulled along. Plus...her hero was really, really sexy.

The back blurb reads: "Passion in London, Paris, NY...

As a lowly assistant on a magazine, Mel had been roped in to help out a colleague - and now she was about to be caught red-handed! She was hiding in the bath of a hotel suite, and the room's celebrity occupant, Jack Devlin, had just returned - to have a shower!

The millionaire was dark, brooding, handsome - and the passion that followed was amazing! Now he'd asked Mel to write the exclusive sotry on Jack Devlin. Travelling first class, she would join the get set (and the mile high club) in spectacular style...but only for a week or two. For it seemed Jack would never trust anyone enough to offer more than an intensely passionate Christmas affair...."

It doesn't quite do it justice. You really do need to read it!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

BSG and New Zealand pics

Wine and chocolate consumed, several jaw dropping moments in BSG and me cursing the 7 days between episodes as I didn't want it to end. Holy cow.

In short:

Baltar still flipping crazy

Starbuck is WTF?

Lee looks all growed up...FINALLY! (Please give him a good story arc, Ron Moore!)

Tigh is loony and we love it

And somehow even knowing it's WRONG...we still trust the Chief, Sam, and Tory.

Fanfrackingtastic. good buddy Nat Anderson sent me a pic tonight that has me giggly. Nat and I were bought around the same time and we're shelfmates this month in Oz and New Zealand. Honestly, they couldn't have put me next to a nicer gal.

Look at this...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Weekend off!

My revisions have been sent to London and will hopefully be on my editor's desk Monday morning.

I have spent the week in yoga pants and messy ponytails, and I need some self-pampering. So I'm making veal parmigiana and fresh pasta for supper, having a bath, and giving myself a facial all in preparation for kicking back and watching Battlestar Galactica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am taping it, so I probably won't watch it until after it's over. First I'll have to read to the kids (The Deathly Hallows is getting SO good right now) and then I have taped some preview/hype type shows about the new's going to be an all evening event complete with red wine and perhaps a smidgen of dark chocolate.

The other good news is the husband is home tonight (after BSG). Another reason I pushed to have the revisions sent...with him back, I wanted to be able to take the whole weekend off without thinking about work.

Right. For now I'm off...the grocery store awaits. Have a good weekend. So say we all.


OMG the veal was to die for. Seriously. If you come to my house for dinner I will make it for you and then bask in the glory that is my chefliness. However as I was bragging to Trish, I said MMMM and she said to stop making chocolate noises. My chocolate is for later but I WAS thinking about it at the time. Sad, really, how well she knows me.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Link from NINC

Just something that may be of interest...I know I found it interesting, not just the report from NY and the conference but other entries on her blog.


Revisions and Celebrations

I am getting to the downhill slope of my revisions. I read them and expected them to be quite difficult. For one, I had to axe 90% of a secondary character's involvement. I thought, but do I come up with new, plausible motivations for the bits that I want to happen that she instigates? How do I show my heroine parts of the hero's past now that his sister is being punted? At the same time, I knew the reasoning behind it was bang on. I also figured out what really needed to happen in the front end of the book. So I figured...well, I'll get in there and come out when it's done, and I have no idea how long it will take.

Well. How bloody smart is my editor, anyway. I have finished making the first pass and now need to go over it all again, and it ended up being so much easier than I thought. I think there are a couple of reasons for this.

For one, with revisions you have to be fearless. Just hit the delete button and if it doesn't work, put it back. I have fun with them for the most part, so I just figured, let's do it.

Secondly, the last time I looked at this manuscript was September. Six month's worth of distance makes you so much more objective about things than if you'd handed in in last week.

And thirdly...and this is kind of like letting your flaws hang out, but paring down the sister's role and having it be so easy really showed me that rather than an integral part of the book, she was a device. In some ways, cutting her scenes and re-jiving them so that the same progress happened to the H/h without her was really easier than my last revisions where I had to change how the heroine found out about a bit of the hero's backstory.

Whatever the reason, it's been kind of cool watching it all shape up and I have a bit more to do in the first few chapters especially, and then make sure everything is seamless and logical.

Now...on to celebrations. Over at the Harlequin Romance Author Blog today we're helping the lovely Liz Fielding celebrate her 50th book - The Bride's Baby! It's the first in a brand new four-book series, A Bride For All Seasons. Pop on over and add your congratulations!

And speaking of A Bride For All Seasons - over at the Pink Heart Society Fiona Harper is talking about her love of Harlequin Romance. Fiona's book "Saying Yes To The Millionaire" is part of the series as the "summer bride" offering!

Oh and just as a excited am I that the countdown to Battlestar Galactica Season 4 is on! WOOOOOO! The writing in this show is so incredible. I really want to finish these revisions and watch with a glass of wine and a sense of accomplishment. I found THIS BLOG today and OMG how did I not see the preview at the top before? My jaw dropped in several places....holy FRAK! hot is Michael Trucco in this picture?

I am SO excited....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We interrupt these revisions....

For a house showing, dinner, and Trish's latest in helping me procrastinate:

(for some reason I couldn't get the html code to work)

You can always take the quiz HERE -

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I'm about halfway through the first pass at my revisions...there will be some fine tuning to do after I get all the way to the end...but this morning I got sidetracked into a brainstorming session.

You know it's probably true that I *should* have been working, but I really don't consider it wasted time, not at all. For one thing, helping someone else frees up creativity within myself. In fact in talking about someone else's new book, I realized something else that's missing from my WIP. My WIP has been bugging me and I kept feeling there was something missing. So the lightbulb was very welcome.

I think Trish is ready to get started at her next, Natasha might have some new ideas, not to mention Jenna and Fiona and...well, MSN is a blessing and a curse. Most of all I got excited for all of us as the ideas kept bouncing around.

More than that, the topic frequently turned to heroes. As I was looking at pics of Trish's latest casting, I came across a few gems. One being...I know the casting for my next project. With the casting came a basic backstory for him, which was good because for so far I only had a slight grip on the heroine. I can see him entering the room. I can see him in his jacket and jeans and I can SEE his hands on the heroine's face. I think it's going to be good!

I might as well post a pic because I'm also going to give you a quote from a Q&A on one of his fan sites. Here we go:

What's your take on reality shows, besides there being way too many?:

You know...I wrote out a long explanation of what I thought on this whole it...and decided not to send it because it really comes down to this...our world and reality is messed up enough and I can get enough of that through reading the paper and watching the news...I like to watch t.v. And films to take me away from reality and into a fictitious world. Why do you think they have us read fictional books and stories in expand our knowledge and creativity. You don't really get that by watching Jerry Springer or Elimidate.

In case you missed it..."our world and reality is messed up enough and I can get enough of that through reading the paper and watching the news...I like to watch t.v. and films to take me away from reality and into a fictitious world."

And expanding knowledge and creativity....brilliant!

It sums up a lot of what I feel about writing romance is about. I don't watch reality tv either except my one addiction to Dancing with the Stars because I love the music and dance and costumes and the camaraderie. It is a feel-good show. I see so many reality shows that bring out the very worst in humanity and I don't like to watch's depressing.

Anyone who says category romance is predictable and doesn't expand knowledge or creativity, has obviously never brainstormed with other authors and discovered things like the specs of a single engine luxury charter plane, the issues of becoming a forward-thinking King in a traditional world, or the intricacies of Italian divorce law, and how to use each of those to reach a happily ever after for a hero and heroine.

Now...because I've indulged myself enough, give me 10 minutes and then pop over to the HRA BLOG to see this month's releases...and then I'm back to revisions.