Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Soldier's Homecoming release day!

Today is March 11, which means THE SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING is officially out! Hooray!

I'm celebrating with a very special post on Tote Bags 'n' Blogs today. I'd love it if you could come and read it, because it might be my favourite post of the year. Certainly one of the most important things to happen to my family.

You can read an excerpt on my webpage as well.

And now is the PERFECT time to announce March's contest...I've held off really giving details until today.

Jennie Adams and I are frequently shelf-mates and we figured it was high time to hold a joint contest. When we were each sent the other's hardcover books by mistake, it was serendipitous. SO, be sure to visit here tomorrow when Jennie is my guest blogger, and then go to HER blog where I'm guest blogging, and then send us an e-mail to enter. The winner gets a signed hardcover of each of our releases - THE SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING and TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH, as well as whatever other goodies tickle our fancies (and hopefully yours).

Yesterday I finally mailed off my prizes to my February winners (my apologies for taking SO long!). I went to Bernard Callebaut to get the chocolate and was faced with a big decision. Bars are the easiest to ship, and they had 5 bars in a bag. Basically you buy 4 and get the 5th free. The deal-maker in me was seduced, but I knew I was really only after 3 bars. I left with 5 after all. So Anita Mae, you get three bars of chocolate and my husband and I shared a bar of Dark Chocolate with hazelnuts last night. :-) He doesn't know about the other one in the freezer. :-)

All righty - now I'm off for the day. And don't forget to come back tomorrow for Jennie and her recalcitrant goat!