Monday, March 17, 2008

Last Call?

Time is running out for your chance to win! Jennie Adams and I will be drawing soon for the winners of our March contest...hardbacks of THE SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING, TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH as well as some extra goodies thrown in from both of us. Part of mine will be the commemorative postcard featuring a Mills and Boon cover from the past, so if you haven't entered yet, why not????? Hmmmm????

Just drop me an e-mail at

Jennie was also the guest interviewee at the Harlequin Romance Author Blog this month. There's another copy of TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH up for grabs there, so double your chances by putting your name in both. You can read the interview and then send an e-mail with the subject line JENNIE to

AND, very shortly I'll be picking a winner over at Liz Fielding's Blog where we've been chatting about our favourite Liz Fielding characters. Come over and leave a comment and a signed copy of THE SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING could be yours!


I'm on a field trip with the youngest today, but I feel ever so much better today knowing that our house is *almost* ready for the for sale sign to go up. Right now we're at the point where we need the new countertop installed, and then a good cleaning. But everything has been sorted, discarded, packed or donated. I was in bed by 9:30 last night! LOL.

Alrighty then. Back tomorrow!

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  1. Well done on the house, Donna. And thank you for being such a brilliant guest!