Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Friends You Don't See

Before I get started, Michelle Styles has a series of great posts over on her blog relating to craft and process. Worth a look, so go do that.

Ok...I'm going to chat briefly today about friends.

The blog bash at e-harlequin this month is Do You Believe In Love and Jennie Adams had a great post today. It got me thinking about all my friends, and the people I love and how each fills a role that is only theirs.

I have my longest friend (since she was born, I have pictures of us chasing each other around in a horrid green walker at my home), my "I wish I could be as generous as you" friend - the one person that is completely kind and giving, my "Secret keeper" friend whom I know I can tell anything, my "If I'm ever in trouble this is who I call" friend, and my FUN friend (when we get together, we laugh nonstop until one of us goes home or goes to sleep).

My husband is my friend. My children are my friends too, of a sort, and my mum is a friend. I have work friends and church friends and my "adoptive" family who is like another set of parents to me. Incidentally they also have a fondness for Bailey's Irish Cream and Canasta. :-)

And I have my online friends. Some of the friends above are online friends now, and some are about to be as we get ready to move.

But here's the thing. The internet is a wonderful thing. My longest friend and my generous friend both live across the country, and yet we probably communicate more often now than we ever did when I lived only a few km away. My fun friend, my get out of jail free friend and my secret keeper are about to become online friends as we move again, but it doesn't mean I care any less about them, or that they won't still be those people. We just reconnected with old friends living in the area where we're headed, and it's almost as if no time has passed at all, even though it's been nearly a decade.

And then there's my writing community, which, with the exception of my local RWA chapter, is ALL online. I have very special relationships with many other writers and readers around the world. People that I know, if I disappeared for long, would come looking for me to make sure I was all right. LOL. And as life gets really crazy with details and business and packing, and the change that goes with making a huge move and life transition, I'm really grateful that one constant will be my online friends, still there no matter where I move to. Always in the same space - just an e-mail or IM away.

I'm very thankful for all my friends.

I just thought I should say that today.


  1. Anonymous8:43 a.m.

    What a wonderful post Donna! Looking forward to your move!


  2. For anyone reading this, the previous comment was from my "I wish I was as generous as you" friend.