Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Casting Change

You know, I feel a little sorry for Hugh Jackman. There is a bit of a phenomenon where he gets cast in romance novels and then suddenly the casting doesn't work and he gets replaced. Not always, but this isn't the first time. I've actually got a theory as to why that is.

HJ is drop dead gorgeous. He's debonair, charming, intelligent, sense of humour...but you see therein lies his problem. He's just about...well...perfect.
It's quite easy to be enamoured of him at the beginning of a novel. Because he's perfect, you see. But then a few chapters in and I think what happens is we need someone less perfect. Perhaps with more of an edge. Someone a little more...complicated.

So, I'm sorry Hugh...but you've been replaced. It's nothing personal.

Of course I blame this whole change of heart on Natasha Oakley and her well-publicized regard, shall we say, for Richard Armitage. I've watched North and South and yes, I got it. HOT. Intense. Yup. Definitely yum. But it wasn't until this week on the PHS Blog that I watched a Youtube clip she'd put on there (It's really ALL your fault, you know).

Suddenly my book that was flat had new life again, even if my hero is NOTHING like John Thornton. Suddenly I realized that Richard Armitage is my new casting for my hero. You see Dante started out in my mind as a playboy, someone who doesn't take life seriously, but when I started writing him that changed. He's actually highly motivated and intense and he and the heroine have more baggage than I realized. SO I needed someone a little darker. A little more intense.

So I guess I might as well post the pic that works best for me:

What do you think?

Back to writing.


  1. See I'm converting the world one romance novelist at a time!

  2. Its like a disease. Yes poor Hugh has been sacked manys a time. I did from Rebel and got one that worked for him with my Autumn Bride... and it IS the TOO perfect thing isnt it.

    Methinks Natasha may be on a tad of a campaign ;)

  3. If it's a disease, do you think he might be the cure?

    I might volunteer for that test group.

  4. Richard Armitage always works for me - but - the Hugh thing - what's wrong with you ladies? The man's an *actor* - yes, Hugh himself might be perfect but take a look at him in some of his less than perfect roles - even Wolverine (yes - I know - get past the sideburns)
    But all this just demonstrates the importance of detailed and extensive research - and we all know how vital that is! :o)

  5. Well I did it the other way round... sort of. I started with Keanu Reeves and sacked him for Hugh. *sigh*

    Still haven't got the Richard Armitage thang... but I have a copy of 'North & South' which I haven't got round to watching yet.