Monday, March 24, 2008

Book Blogs and Reel Reviews

One thing about extended weekends is the ability to read and watch movies more. Already this weekend I've read 2 books and watched 2 movies, so here are my quick thoughts...

Books 10 and 11:

A Woman To Belong To by Fiona Lowe

I devoured this book yesterday while on Easter holiday. I remember FIona mentioning writing her "Vietnam" book and the setting was a very living, breathing thing and her passion for the area definitely came through. She also had great conflict throughout with the characters, and I can't reveal too much without being spoilery but I actually liked that there were some unknowns at the end...not all of life is wrapped up with a bow, thought the HEA was still solid! You definitely felt like while there was more to come, the constant was that Tom and Bec were going to face it together.

Well done Fiona! :-)

The Dad Next Door by CJ Carmichael

I read CJ's online read that worked as a prequel to this book and so I was ready to read Gavin and Allison's story. After finishing Fiona's book, I picked up CJ's...and read it almost all in one sitting ( took a break for a walk and lunch, lol).

This is a fantastic book...I was cheering for the hero and heroine right from the beginning, I had an inkling of what was coming well before it happened...the characters were all so HUMAN, warts and all and it made for a very relatable read. IT was very well written, with everything blending seamlessly and great consistent pacing.

I can't wait to read the other 2 books in the trilogy.

Reel Reviews:


We got this so all the "girls" could watch together, and guess what...I was enchanted. LOL. James Marsden was hysterical, Patrick Dempsey adorable, Susan Sarandon deliciously naughty, and Amy Adams cute as a button.

My daughters and I also really enjoyed the musical numbers....and the scene at the King and Queen's Ball when they dance and he starts singing to her....ok I know, CHEESY. But I was hooked. This is one I'll likely go out and buy so my girls and I can watch it on those Sunday afternoons when we put on dvd's and make hot cocoa. I'm especially pleased with the musical element as it will drive their father crazy, an added bonus!


After all the hype I should have expected it wouldn't live up to my expectations and it didn't. There were moments of brilliance, and I now want to read the book so I get a glimpse of the structure. I do know I would have started the book with Bryony as she was at the end...beginning the interview...and cutting where she took the pills, and ending with it for better continuity. I also would have spent more time setting up the romance in the beginning. I think my problem was I didn't quite believe that Robbie was her great love. We saw some sparks and a very hot library scene but I didn't quite get the sense of the emotional commitment between them. And without that, the rest of the love story was lacking a potency for me.

At one point I wondered what all the fuss was about, until the last 5 - 10 minutes....and then I got it and yes, I got a little misty eyed.

I think, IMO, the movie was made with such an eye for artistry that it really only skimmed the surface as far as digging for emotions. Maybe this is my category romance roots showing but I would much rather have a simple story told well. I just got the sense that it tried to be too many things and lost that most crucial element of JUST TELL THE STORY.

So that's my weekend so far...right now I'm reading The Dream Thief by Shana Abe....and if I finish it tomorrow, I'm out of books until Wednesday. :-)

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  1. Donna, I'm so glad you enjoyed A Woman To Belong To! I loved writing it. Ohh, Enchanted is out on DVD in Canada eh? I missed it at the movies at Christmas so hopefully it will be out here soon in Oz. My parents took the boys and really enjoyed it.

    We have enjoyed a warm easter and got in some picnics and bike-riding.